Sunday, April 26, 2009

18 days and growing...

That Lexi girl is a beauty. She has had so many nurses ask to be her "principle" nurse, it's unbelievable! It couldn't be because they enjoy Kendra and Jason! It has to be because Lexi is so easy to take care of and has such a beautiful personality. I heard her mad (it's on film!) for the first time yesterday. She really let us know that she was not happy...she burped...and that took care of the situation. It was that nurses first time hearing her mad also. She CAN cry!!!

Last Thursday, the Rowlens and Nancy Weaver came to visit me here at Kendra's. We talked and ate. They didn't go up to the hospital which is just fine. It's easy to forget that it is a NICU. Then on Friday, Connie and Jim took the boys to Kokomo for the weekend so I helped Paula in her yard. Gorgeous day!

Saturday, Kendra got to sleep in (after getting home from the hospital at midnight) but got up around 11:00. We went to eat, shopped a little, went to the "1/2 price book store" which is near the hospital (3 new books!!!) and went to see Lexi. I stayed all afternoon since Jason was with the boys and Jim at a car voom-voom in Kokomo or Anderson or somewhere. I read a lot while Kendra played with her adorable daughter. We had dinner together and then I came back home.

Paula called me and with flashlights in hand, we went walking through the neighborhood. Just a beautiful night!

Kathy Thies is coming to visit this morning. She was in town for the weekend so will stop by at 10:00. We'll eat and go visit my little girl. Oh.......we'd better wait until Kendra gets up and up to the hospital before we go. Hope Kathleen has no agenda today!

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