Monday, February 22, 2010

February Birthday Celebration

What a wonderful weekend! Kendra's 37th birthday was Feb 13 and Brent will be 33 on Feb 28th. We picked a "middle of the road" weekend to celebrate. It seemed that every grandchild either had a cold or was recovering from one so the "germ killer" supplies were out in full force. It was worth it! That's what happens in winter weather.

Our house is small so we are always on top of each other but I'm so happy to have my kids around, I don't care; they might but I don't! Brent and Elizabeth bought a new computer this weekend (while Tom and I took Marley and Layla to the Jefferson School Spring Fling) so they had fun getting it up and running. Kendra, Nicholas and Brent were hysterical playing with the Wii games! The house was "rocking"!!! Presents were opened and games were played.

Alexis (10 1/2 months) has really grown since we saw her last! She is so happy and is getting stronger every day. She doesn't want to miss anything that is going on! This little girl LOVES music. Upon hearing music, she starts "rocking" to it! I caught it on if I just knew how to put it into my journal. I'll have to check it out.

Nicholas lost one of his front teeth last week so we finally got to see it. The other front tooth is very wiggly. Can't wait to get that one out. I love that stage of missing teeth.

Kendra and Tom taught Nicholas and Blake games of "Uno" and "Guess Who" . These are such good games for kids to play. They had such fun! All of the g-kids did so well together! I am still amazed at how well everyone plays together. Again, there wasn't a single time when there was an argument! Amazing!!!!! Such good kids!

Today, I am beginning to write words for a song for the 2nd grade classes for Thursday. They are going to have an all-day reading day with "Magic School Bus" as a theme. They will read and study rocks and weather. I wrote a rough draft for the song this morning and now have a foundation to work with. I am going to go as Ms Frizzle so I am in the process of attaching various rocks (from my old collection) to my dress. I'm borrowing a curly red wig to top it off. So...that is in the works for the rest of the afternoon.

Mother's 89th birthday is March 1 and 2 and Paula and I are going to Battle Creek on the 1st and spend the night. Her card is the next project.

March 4-12, Tom and I will be in Florida (landing in St. Petersburg) and will have to figure out what we want to do there. We are hoping that we will see sun and have gorgeous weather. So...that's what's happening in our little world here in Goshen.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marley Visits Great Grandma Carol

Today was a visit to see my mother in Battle Creek MI. I have taken Layla with me several times but never Marley since she is only 2 1/2 yrs. old. But I braved it and she was perfect. She never said a word coming or going. Just listens to music, looks out the window and "reads" her books. Amazing! She loved that Mother sat down at piano and asked her if she would play "ABC's". Of course Marley sang along (after being sure that Mother could play it in her key!) and I took pictures. Aunt Debbie was there and we all had brunch together and then played with toys and puzzles. It was a very fun afternoon.