Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Fun on the Fourth!

What a great weekend this has been. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Brent, Elizabeth and the girls with us but since Elizabeth's dad had his funeral just last Tuesday, they decided that they would come to Noblesville in a few weeks.

I returned to Noblesville with Kendra after the funeral on Tuesday. That evening, Kendra put Lexi in the "little red wagon" to enjoy the evening air. She couldn't resist putting a couple of pigtails in Lexi's hair. She looked adorable but didn't keep them in very long.

The Gera family arrived from Gainsville, FL for a 10 day visit with Kendra and family. Their families take turns visiting each other due to a long friendship. They are a wonderful family, easy to have around and great fun to be with. With Paula and Ron living only 8 houses away from Kendra, Paula's is the place where the real action takes place. They have the pool, hot tub and large home even though Kendra and Jason also have lake access. Paula is just the outstanding entertainer and we all take advantage of it. She also loves having everyone there. I caught Ron and Alexis having a little fun time together in the middle of all the excitement.

With the Gera's at Kendra's house, Tom and I spent Thursday through Sunday at Bowmans. On the morning of the 4th, Paula, Ron, Tom and I went out on Ron's boat to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We saw several large pieces of wood in the water but one especially got our attention and we worried about any boats or skiiers that might hit it so Tom and Ron hauled it in with the help of a rope (Cowboy Tom). We couldn't believe the size of the log and we put it up on land hoping that we had done our duty to save the world from danger.

Here are two of the "little" Gera kids. Tricia is 10 and Eric is 6. Cameron is now old enough to drive but I couldn't capture him in a photo.
Blake loved having Tricia and Eric play pirates with him.

Nicholas is loving a teeny tiny cupcake with Deb Gera looking on from the pool.

Alexis was soooo happy in her baby pool. She thought it was the best bath she had ever had.

Deb's mom, Diane and husband Matt rest at Paula's and Ron's.