Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take a guess...........

Yes! Blake received lots of Lego gifts. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kendra makes sure that the boys know who the gift is from and those people are always acknowledged even before the gift is opened. Blake is often quick to run to hug each person before opening his present.
I didn't get pictures of every gift since I tend to jabber instead of photograph but that's a good thing. many lego pieces so you think Blake received if you total up all of the presents?
Friend Gabriel, Cousins Conner and Caiden and Nicholas check everything out.
Could this be???????


The excitement builds..............
Wow!!! A Lego pirate ship!!!!!!!!!!!! If you put all the Lego pieces together, there would be nearly 1600 pieces from today's party! Good grief!

Here are bad photos of the card that I made for Blake.

These pages to the card really are NOT sideways in my picture folder. This program turned it sideways. I've never had that happen before. Interesting!

Happy Birthday to my favorite pirate!!!!

Pre-Party and Party!!!!!

Layla and Marley have arrived in Noblesville to attend Blake's 6th birthday party and for Nicky's basketball game prior to the party. First, though, a little reading......

"Is this book about pirates?" asks Blake.

Marley and Blake are pirates pretending to sleep. How cute are they???Nicholas loves that he can read!

Alexis wants in on the action as Nicholas, Marley and Layla cheer her on.

It's so much fun when the cousins get together.

Kendra has everything ready for the party. Every child has a cup with their name on it made with a Lego character font.

That same font was used to print off the Happy Birthday Blake signs. Blake painted a 'gingerbread pirate' at Christmas time so it seemed right to hang it up.

Kendra collected Lego stuff from the boys room and used it to decorate.

On birthday morning, Blake and Nicholas got to see all the decorations and used the edible markers to decorate the Lego heads (1 big marshmallow and 1 small one dipped into yellow colored vanilla candy.)

These are some of the Lego "people" that Kendra put together from all the of stuff in the "lego drawer". She had Tom make a stage out of Legos to display them.

These are the marshmallow "Lego" pieces.

Legos for a silverware holder. Clever!

Treat bags for the kids with lots of clever "Lego" things.

These are candies that look (and can be put together) just like real Legos!!! Of course, Blake had to try them out. Therefore, please don't eat them!!!

Blake in action with the candies.The results!!!!! A pirate!
Kendra made the little pirate candy toppers by melting chocolate into ice cube trays. Delicious!

The cupcakes are displayed on a Lego table minus the legs.

Game Face!!!

Nicholas loves to play Upward Basketball. No one keeps score. It is a totally positive experience. There is a prayer before the game and devotions for everyone in the gym during half-time. The Refs are positive and have many "teachable moments" with the kids. Nicholas is only one of two 1st graders on this 1st/2nd grade team. He gets to throw the ball inbounds so he is able to touch the ball once in a while but ohhhhhhhh......the enthusiasm!!!
He runs to the basket and .............

waits for it to fall and....................


That's my boy!!!!!

Nicholas is ready for action!!!!!! If he plays next year, he will be as big as those 2nd graders and he will certainly hold his own! I'm so proud of that sweet little boy, I could just ...... kiss him!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Snowy Day

Once there was a man named Tom who went for a walk. He loved the path beside his house that wound through the woods and along the river. He had his camera in his pocket because his wife told him to take pictures. He obeyed. She was happy. The End.