Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cancer Survivor?

Is it too early to say that I'm a "cancer survivor" when I have only known about having bladder cancer for a short time? Never! I had surgery one week ago today (Wednesday, June 24) and Dr. Fretz said that it was cancer but wasn't making any guesses about the grade until the pathology report came back. I waited around all day yesterday for the phone to ring. Nada! Frustrating.

But today.....Dr. Fretz called to give me great news! The cancer was caught early so it was "low grade" and "superficial" (meaning it had not penetrated the wall). I need no treatment but need to be checked every 3 months by Dr. Fretz due to the high probability of reoccurance. I was very blessed!

Shirley Doberenz came by for a visit this morning just as I was talking to the doctor. It was so nice to have a visitor even though I have no restrictions except lifting things. Shirley had no sooner gone when Jeannie Stuckey dropped by. What a wonderful surprise.

After lunch, since Tom had to go teach at Ivy Tech from 6:00 to 8:30, he encouraged me to head "south" so I am writing this from Noblesville. He will ride down here with Brent and the girls on Friday. Elizabeth will head this way after work on Friday. Looking forward to lots of celebrating this Fourth of July!!!