Monday, May 18, 2009

Lovely Lexi

I was able to hold Lexi yesterday minus the IV in the head and the nasal canula (I'll check the spelling later). Once she gets this "keeping milk down" perfectly, we will have our girl home. She is remaining steady but needs more calories. What an adorable little girl! She was awake all day yesterday except for about 3-20 minute naps. Can't wait to get a report today to see how the sleeping went last night and today. And strong!!!!!! That girl has muscles!!!

We celebrated Tom's 65th birthday this weekend. How can this be! Good grief...I'm right behind him! Brent, Elizabeth, Layla and Marley (who will be 2 and 5 this coming week) came for the weekend and stayed at Paula and Ron's. Bless their hearts for keeping their "hotel" open for my kids. Brent ran a 5 K and Elizabeth walked the Geist Run/Walk. We had the birthday party Saturday night. Tom headed home Sunday after visiting Lexi. B and E headed home after lunch Sunday. They saw Lexi Saturday afternoon.

Beautiful, sunny day today (Monday). Jason drove to Ft. Wayne to an auction and is now at the hospital. The boys are napping so all is quiet except for several loads of laundry clanging around.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in the NICU

It's the first time that I've ever spent a holiday in a hospital! I got to hold Lexi this afternoon while Kendra held her computer next to me and we caught up on some of "The Office" episodes that we had missed! Hysterical! It was really fun being with my "old" girl and my "youngest" girl. Lexi will be in the NICU for another 3-4 weeks.

It is such fun watching nurses and doctors stopping by to say hello to Kendra. She and Lexi are quite the popular girls up there. Dr. Pyle is my favorite. He just sits down and rambles with Kendra. I can't believe this very funny, good-looking man (who looks like he should be on a football field) will sit and talk about everything from TV shows to wanting to come and go boating with Jason. He offered free pediatric services at Kendra's house to be able to go boating!!! Did he mean it? Who knows.

Paula's 59th birthday was yesterday. Today, she got ready to feed our crew again. What a girl!!! Jason had taken the boys to Mother's Day dinner in Kokomo and everyone arrived at Paula's at 6:30. She made Mother's recipe of strawberry shortcake. Delicious.

Since Chrysler is closed down until June 1 and the boys will go to Kokomo on Wednesday for a visit, I think that I will head to Elkhart on Tuesday. We'll return on Friday (even though the boys won't be here) because Tom turns 65 on Friday!!! Hello medicare! Brent and Elizabeth will be running/walking the Geist 5K. We'll have the birthday party on Saturday evening.

If he's 65.....what does that make me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lexi says, "Do you think my outfit looks ok?"

Aunt Dizzy and Uncle Brent Come To Town...

It was wonderful having the "kids" come to Noblesville today. It was the first time that they could meet Alexis. I'm so sorry that Tom is still home with a cold and now is getting his 3 classes' finals ready. They arrived in town early to pick up stuff for Brent's running of the Mini Marathon here in Indy. They then headed for the hospital to hold Lexi.

At 6:30 they got to Paula's along with Jason, Kendra, and Rob and Stacy Lastinger. Ron got home at 7:15. Paula and I had a "carb-loaded" dinner ready for everyone since both Brent and Ron are running. The little girls were still in Elkhart with Aunt Steph and Uncle Mike. After a great dinner and lots of laughter, I came "home" with Kendra and family for some sleep. I told Brent and Elizabeth that when Ron drove by this morning at drive by quietly!!! So at 6:00 a.m., Elizabeth sent me a text: "Good morning sunshine! We love you!" least it wasn't 5:15! I really was awake but still........(it really made me laugh).

I will be taking the boys to the hospital today, maybe for the last time if this swine flu scare continues to "shut down" hospitals and only allows essential people to visit. The hospitals associated with the IU Health Care system have shut their Indianapolis hospitals. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest don't follow suit.

Brent and Ron are running right now. They will then go back to Paula's, clean up and return to the hospital. It probably will happen in the early afternoon. Kendra and Jason are sleeping in (good!!!) so we'll go up after we eat. Then I will be able to bring the boys back home for naps. We'll call the hospital first to be sure that they still allow visitors.