Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Special Day

Kendra didn't sleep all Monday night. She began "cramping" at 2:00 a.m. So uncomfortable. I knew something was going to happen today when I awoke at 5:45 and she had already showered. She told me that she didn't have anything else to do. After signs that things might happen (but not wanting to get her hopes up) she waited patiently for Jason to get home from work to go to see Dr. B at 9:20. I had Paula on "high alert" feeling that this was going to be "it". Glad to see Kendra and Jason on their way, I headed to Paula's to wait, worry, and wander her floor. It was someone to talk to.

Finally, we got the call that Kendra and Jason were on their way to the hospital. She was 5 cm dilated and Dr. B could feel the fluid bag ready to burst. The Dr. wanted to deliver the baby right there at Riverview Hospital (Noblesville) or call an ambulance. Kendra said that they would drive to St. Vincent Women's Hospital. The Dr. said to go directly...do not pass go...don't get pulled over...etc.

When I called Tom in Elkhart, he was at the Mayberry but didn't have his cell with him. He got home to the "call" that the baby was on her way. He cancelled his Ivy Tech classes and headed south. I called him throughout his trip to see where he was. He arrived ONE minute before she was born!!! During the day, I had been texting Elizabeth (in Goshen) about everything that was happening.

Shortly after arriving at St. Vincent's, Kendra had an epidural and began to feel "wonderful"!!! She felt no contractions! The Dr. came in to check her and she was at 7 cm. They put on their "hip boots" since they were going to break her water. There was a vaccuum of some kind to clean up the water. (Kendra is 38 weeks today. Full term is 40 weeks. She should have "measured" 38 cm today but she measured 48 cm this morning!!! That was up from 44 cm. last Friday. There was a lot of fluid!!! ) She dilated to 10 cm very quickly. After 2 pushes, the baby was born! With the baby came the rest of the fluid and Jason got drenched!!! Kendra said that it was like a "wave". It was almost "cartoonish" the way the fluid splashed out! Wish I could have seen it. We grandparents were in the waiting room throughout the birth because there were 11 doctors, nurses, and specialists in the room...not counting the baby!

At birth, the baby was breathing but not enough. They got to touch her but not hold her. She was taken away and the specialists began working on her. She has a breathing tube, etc. and will have the surgery in a day or two.

Such a pretty little girl...even if her parents hadn't named her yet! She is so soft and pink with fuzzy blonde hair. Both boys had dark hair! After she was settled, Kendra and Jason were taken back into the NICU to visit with their new daughter. Then two by two the grandparents and Aunt Paula were taken back. What a joy to see our new little girl! What a gift!

Kendra was taken to her new room on the 3rd floor down the hall from the NICU. No name yet! Friend Christina came to visit (she works with Kendra at a St. Vincent hospital) and then Tanya came for a visit. Tanya is also a CICOA worker.

Paula, Tom and I left to meet Ron and eat dinner at Longhorn. Kendra called us as we ate to tell us that Kendra's ob/gyn had dropped by to see how Kendra was. They ran the possible names by Dr. B and she liked Alexis so that is what they chose. Wow!!! What power she has!!! We did know (as of today) that Alexis' middle name would be "Elizabeth" in honor of Grandma "Libby" who is Jason's dad's mother.

Connie and Jim left to head back to Kokomo where Uncle Josh was taking care of Nicholas and Blake. Tomorrow, the boys will be at Aunt Paula's and Uncle Ron's.

Tonight, Tom and I are here at the Smith home where it is very quiet. No little boys...no K or J...toooooo quiet!

Well...can't say that today was uneventful!!! We have a new blessing in our lives!
Thank you God!

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