Monday, July 30, 2012

EFCS Part 3: Pretty People Poses

       On Wednesday, we were to 'sing a song' and look at the soul music corner of the 'attic'. It has color (purple), power, and you can tap your toe. It's about seeing through the music. It's about seeing Jesus; needing more Jesus.  The musical style for the day was "Mary's Song - Soul" (for the morning service) and "Musician's Song - Classical" was the evening theme.

We've been singing for a while so it's break time; time to photograph a 'few' people:
Meet Judy Hamilton! She is new this year.

God bless these two: Claudia Weiler who quietly and gently runs the program  (she would tell you that she has lots of help) and Susan Blaese, who sweetly puts an orchestra together with whatever instrumentation shows up for the week.

Eleanor DeMarco and Greg Childs

Very HIGH tenor: Tim Cunningham

Julie Hilbish showing her power!
Dr. Becky Donahue gives Nita Webb a power rub. (Jane Sharkey checks out Becky's form.)

Shirley Morris, Hazel Hann, Marylou Pumroy

Carol Impola and Jodie Godush
(Carol is an old-timer but was only able to attend on Wednesday. It was soooo good to see her!)

Marilyn McCarty and Nora Jones

Sweet David Thurner
Susan Courtney and her singing buddy Princess Johnson

Rosalie Geller is not new to CS but our paths had never crossed. What a talent!!!
Candy Gagnor

What a crazy group of women this is! In the middle is Lynda Dawson. She calls this act she uses during the Variety Show  "Lynda and the Lyttles". It is only right!
Sandy Martin, Eleanor DeMarco, Lynda, Julie Hilbish, Eileen Guckenberger
"Are you saying we are silly???"

"Do we have to put our heads under Lynda's pits???"

"Oh no! It's getting worse!!! Did anyone bring shampoo?"

"Oh! Oh! I think I hear someone coming into the room."

"Oh! Hi Craig! Did you need something?"

"You want to be in our picture???
You want to be an honorary alto????
But Craig............"
"You can't be a 'Lyttle' because I don't have anymore room under my arms!"
"Ok! Ok! You can be in the picture."

Break time was always a good time. Sometimes it was important to give leadership a chance for some fun too.
(When I proofread this, I had put 'ornery' alto. Maybe I should have left it that way!)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chillin' with the Choir...Trinity Choir That Is!

      This afternoon was our Trinity choir party held at the home of Deb and Clyde Kissel. It was a beautiful setting and we had a wonderful time. Here are our host and hostess and their adorable granddaughter, Sydney (since I have no idea how she spells her name, I'm choosing to put a couple of 'y's in it):

                             I did my best to photograph everyone but I know I missed some:

Here are Allison and Johnita (sp?) Beyler, daughters of our director Michelle and hubby Bruce.
(Wouldn't you know, I never caught Michelle and Bruce together for a photo.)

Charlie and Jeanie Jacobson
She is our wonderful organist/pianist. Love this woman!

Dave and Susie Chilberg

Mike and Gretchen Neely

Crazy Craig Starkweather

Nancie Adams and Sharon Stauffer

Nancie and Rich Adams

Nancy Tooman

Lots of people eating lots of food!

Tom visits with Nancie Adams

Jeff and Mary Ann Cain

Danny and Judy Martinsky

Don carol Benscoter

Frank and Kathy Case

More food.....

Roger (left) and Corinne Roderick (right)
Danny and Judy Martinsky (center)

Dave, Rich and Nancie visit on the porch

Barb and Gary Wright

Corinne and Roger Roderick

Pastor Karen and Mike Bray

"Get her out of here!!!"
(I'm just teasing. She didn't say that.)

Overlooking the patio by the pool...

Bruce Beyler, Pastor Mark and Barbara Dicken

(Tell him Don!)

Mary Ann and Gretchen enjoy the glider.

Allison Beyler is checking out the water temp.

Barbara, Pastor Mark, Bruce Beyler, Don and Mike

Such a gorgeous backyard "down by the riverside".

Ah! There's Michelle Beyler...our leader...on the right!

"Hey Jeanie! Smile!!!"

Mary Ann listens to Michelle's story.

Craig pets Buster (or Bruiser or Biffy or ....)

Pastor Mark and Barbara Dicken

In pink is Alma Sigler. (I realized that I never got her picture.)

Allison and Mary Ann just loved me showing up with my camera!

It really was a lovely afternoon. I'm glad that no one harrassed me about taking pictures. Wish I had captured everyone (especially Michelle and Bruce together) but it didn't happen. Not everyone could be at the party but I was glad for those that could make it. I just returned last night from a week at Epworth Forest Choir School and  was so glad that the party was today and not last week. Thanks again to Deb and Clyde for being such great hostesses.