Sunday, April 26, 2009

18 days and growing...

That Lexi girl is a beauty. She has had so many nurses ask to be her "principle" nurse, it's unbelievable! It couldn't be because they enjoy Kendra and Jason! It has to be because Lexi is so easy to take care of and has such a beautiful personality. I heard her mad (it's on film!) for the first time yesterday. She really let us know that she was not happy...she burped...and that took care of the situation. It was that nurses first time hearing her mad also. She CAN cry!!!

Last Thursday, the Rowlens and Nancy Weaver came to visit me here at Kendra's. We talked and ate. They didn't go up to the hospital which is just fine. It's easy to forget that it is a NICU. Then on Friday, Connie and Jim took the boys to Kokomo for the weekend so I helped Paula in her yard. Gorgeous day!

Saturday, Kendra got to sleep in (after getting home from the hospital at midnight) but got up around 11:00. We went to eat, shopped a little, went to the "1/2 price book store" which is near the hospital (3 new books!!!) and went to see Lexi. I stayed all afternoon since Jason was with the boys and Jim at a car voom-voom in Kokomo or Anderson or somewhere. I read a lot while Kendra played with her adorable daughter. We had dinner together and then I came back home.

Paula called me and with flashlights in hand, we went walking through the neighborhood. Just a beautiful night!

Kathy Thies is coming to visit this morning. She was in town for the weekend so will stop by at 10:00. We'll eat and go visit my little girl. Oh.......we'd better wait until Kendra gets up and up to the hospital before we go. Hope Kathleen has no agenda today!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wild Weather!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting at Paula's ready to do Bible Study but got distracted. It's hailing's comes the sun.....raining.........You get the idea. Hopfully this is the last day of this kind of weather for a while. Tomorrow, everything is suppose to be on the way to the high 70's by Saturday!!! About time. It has rained since Sunday!

Paula, Nicky and I picked Blake up after preschool, went to lunch and came back to Paula's for naptime.

Kendra just called from the hospital. She was eating lunch. Jason got up to the NICU by noon when his folks were to be there and Connie's 2 sisters were also to arrive. There are not to be more than 2 adults back in the NICU at a time.

Lexi had her food increased again!!! Go girl. Her white blood cell count is still high so she will have another blood test tonight to decide whether or not she should get an antibiotic. She seems so comfortable and calm and "looks so good", the doctors don't think that she has an infection. We'll see what the blood test shows.

After dinner, I will go with the family to the preschool Open House. It will be fun to see inside the school.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cars and Trucks and Toys....oh my!

My living room floor is covered with toys. There are GeoTrax layed out to form an interesting lay of the land with bridges, "mountains", train crossings and all the little landscape pieces that come with the set help to complete the design. Our set is from a garage set (but is rather nice if I do say so myself) but nothing compared to the set that the boys have at their home. Nicky has every monster truck that we own (nothing compared to his private collection!) lined up in a row ready for something. The blocks are now towers and the other stuff is...well...just is. They have room for all of this stuff at their house. Here, you can barely take a step without falling over if you have rotten balance like me. But do I care? Absolutely not!!! I'm thrilled that they love to play together and that PopPop loves to find nice toys at garage sales.

My car is suppose to get a new compressor today at Lochmandy's. We took it in last night after I fixed dinner for Brent's family and us. Since we have an appointment and they know the problem, it had better be done early or I won't have a way to get my car picked up. Tom teaches today from 2-5:15. Also, I am never sure if they will find another problem that needs fixing since I now have 101,000 miles on my Liberty. With that many miles, I am finding it harder and harder to trust. Makes me feel terrible because I love my car!

Can't believe how well Lexi is doing. She is really "showing us" isn't she?!!! I'm not saying that her little tummy won't decide that it should slow down on the feedings, but so far, so good. Brent and Elizabeth sat here last night and looked at all of the "Lexi pictures" that are on my computer. We all can't get over how she has changed and looks so good after nearly 2 weeks of birth and surgery. What a remarkable little girl! If my car is "road ready" today (hope hope hope) then, I'll see that little girl TOMORROW!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back Home Again....

Gorgeous, sunny day in Elkhart. (Two canoes just went down the river...what fun!!!) The doors and windows are open. Best of all, Nicholas, Blake, Layla and Marley were able to run, walk, ride, push, skip, hop, etc., up and down our road. I love that we don't have to worry about traffic at our end! Elizabeth is working and Brent ran his 12 miles so Tom and I watched kids. He now hops onto my dad's old bike to keep up with Nicky and Layla on their bikes! How did that happen??? After Brent's return, we had lunch at the Mayberry.

After the boys wake up, we will go to Trinity Methodist Church to watch Layla sing in her program at the 5:30 service. Glad I get to go see her.

Kendra called while she was on her way to the hospital. Lexi will have been on "continuous feeding" for 24 hours and I'm anxious to get a report.

Boys are down for a nap so I'm going to dust! Don't tell me that I don't know how to have fun!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet, Suite Alexis

Lexi got moved to her own private room (within the NICU) yesterday. The doctor said that since the duodenum was distended when they did surgery, "complications are expected" when they begin the continuous feedings through a tube. They may have to stop and start the feedings several times before she can tolerate the food. We are not happy to hear that her suite is for "long term care" but that little girl has done so well with other situations, she could prove the doctors wrong.

Since her blood count isn't normal, Lexi will need another CBC today. Two days ago, she had blood drawn and it took 4 nurses, 5 tries before getting enough blood.

The best part of today was holding Lexi. It was my second time but every time is a thrill. She is down to 5 lb 3 oz from 5 lb 12 oz but once food begins, it will turn around. Amazing to hold such a precious little bundle.

Today, I am packing up the boys and taking them to Elkhart to see PopPop, Layla and Marley, Uncle Brent and Aunt Lizzy. The boys are soooo excited. I will get a car part fixed on Monday morning and head back here to Noblesville Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Week Old!

Today was the day that Kendra would have been induced had Lexi not been born last Tuesday. Her 1st date was April 21 then moved to April 14. And to think...she already has a week under her belt!

Best of all (besides being off the vent and doing so well), I got to hold my baby for the 1st time today! It just felt so right holding a baby on my lap. It is a priceless experience. Paula kept the boys during naptime while I went up to the hospital.

We are so looking forward to tomorrow...the boys will meet their sister. Tonight, after dinner, they went with Mommy and Daddy to Meijer to buy Lexi a present. They found "Scarlett Bandit"...a purple monster truck! Just what all baby sisters need!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vent free!!!

Lexi was taken off the vent this afternoon! How wonderful to be able to see her whole face! So kissable. I was home with the boys today while Kendra and Jason were with Lexi. They took Nicholas to school (after a week of vacation) and went up to the hospital getting back home at 8:00 tonight. They have to be exhausted! Jason hasn't slept today but will go to work tonight. They got to hold Lexi a lot today. It was a very good day!

Easter Sunday

Since Kendra is so faithful with keeping her blog updated ( I have been reading hers instead of writing in mine. She knows all the info and how to spell the big words so I haven't written much.

Lexi will hopefully taken off the vent today. This is scarey since we certainly don't want it to happen too soon but I have faith in the doctors. Her lung wasn't as "full" as they wanted it to be yesterday, so after x-rays, etc., she was immediately better. Keeping our fingers crossed for today.

Kendra and Jason haven't been able to hold Lexi for 2 days and that has to be so hard for them. I can't even imagine!

Tom and I got to visit for a couple of hours Easter. (Tom heads back to Elkhart today.) She looks so good to me (looking between the tubes!) and I can't wait to get my hands on her. Paula kept the boys during the afternoon, cooked our Easter dinner and provided the warm, wonderful atmosphere that she always provides. I called Mother before we ate dinner and she had a house full of Debra's "kids".

Easter was a wonderful day...flower filled and sunny. Thank you God!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good news!

The surgery went very well! The surgeon repaired the atresia and found a tear in the small intestine which was also repaired. They will keep watch of leaks as time goes by but expect everything to go well. Now Lexi will be able to start the healing process.

Pre- Surgery

Tom and I got up early enough to be here at the hospital by 8:00. We were thrilled when Kendra and Jason asked us to go down to the NICU unit to take pictures!!! We were down at the NICU for an hour and a half. Wonderful!!!

Lexi looked so cute with her clean hair. The blonde hair on top sticks straight up. Jason was able to hold her for the 1st time!!! He had told me last night that not being able to hold her was ****! Kendra had only held her once after she was born for a very few minutes. Jason held her for 45 minutes, tubes were changed and then it was Kendra's turn. The nurses are totally wonderful. They never make you feel that you are in the way. They do anything they can to make you feel comfortable. I took many pictures (go figure) and will put them on the internet soon.

Connie and Jim just got up here (10:00) and have gone down to the NICU to see if they can see the baby before surgery. Kendra and Jason aren't back yet but I expect them shortly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1 Day Old...

Alexis is 1 day old. She was poked and prodded and spent the day getting ready for her surgery tomorrow to get rid of the blockage. It will be at 10:00 a.m. We will just have to wait and see what all takes place.

Kendra got to change Lexi's diaper and take her temperature for the first time. They are the tiniest diapers I have ever seen! They aren't even premie diapers but are soooo small!

Jason spent this afternoon and evening picking up his boat and getting it into the water since there was nothing he could do at the hospital, it was a good day to get that job done and the grandparents were with Kendra. Conya and her family went to meet Alexis this evening. The children (cousins) only get to see pictures. The only children allowed in the NICU are the siblings. The boys spent this evening with Uncle Josh again but will go to Paula's tomorrow. Nicholas is NOT happy that Alexis wasn't named Natalie! She is his best friend at pre-school and he had his mind made up that that should have been her name. Blake really doesn't care.

Well...tomorrow is surgery day so we are to be at the hospital early. So grateful that we are retired so that we can be here for support. Tom will head back to Elkhart after the surgery but will return with tax forms in hand for me to sign on Saturday. I'm good for something!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alexis Elizabeth Smith

Alexis Elizabeth Smith
5 lbs 12 oz
19" long
1:34 p.m.

The Special Day

Kendra didn't sleep all Monday night. She began "cramping" at 2:00 a.m. So uncomfortable. I knew something was going to happen today when I awoke at 5:45 and she had already showered. She told me that she didn't have anything else to do. After signs that things might happen (but not wanting to get her hopes up) she waited patiently for Jason to get home from work to go to see Dr. B at 9:20. I had Paula on "high alert" feeling that this was going to be "it". Glad to see Kendra and Jason on their way, I headed to Paula's to wait, worry, and wander her floor. It was someone to talk to.

Finally, we got the call that Kendra and Jason were on their way to the hospital. She was 5 cm dilated and Dr. B could feel the fluid bag ready to burst. The Dr. wanted to deliver the baby right there at Riverview Hospital (Noblesville) or call an ambulance. Kendra said that they would drive to St. Vincent Women's Hospital. The Dr. said to go not pass go...don't get pulled over...etc.

When I called Tom in Elkhart, he was at the Mayberry but didn't have his cell with him. He got home to the "call" that the baby was on her way. He cancelled his Ivy Tech classes and headed south. I called him throughout his trip to see where he was. He arrived ONE minute before she was born!!! During the day, I had been texting Elizabeth (in Goshen) about everything that was happening.

Shortly after arriving at St. Vincent's, Kendra had an epidural and began to feel "wonderful"!!! She felt no contractions! The Dr. came in to check her and she was at 7 cm. They put on their "hip boots" since they were going to break her water. There was a vaccuum of some kind to clean up the water. (Kendra is 38 weeks today. Full term is 40 weeks. She should have "measured" 38 cm today but she measured 48 cm this morning!!! That was up from 44 cm. last Friday. There was a lot of fluid!!! ) She dilated to 10 cm very quickly. After 2 pushes, the baby was born! With the baby came the rest of the fluid and Jason got drenched!!! Kendra said that it was like a "wave". It was almost "cartoonish" the way the fluid splashed out! Wish I could have seen it. We grandparents were in the waiting room throughout the birth because there were 11 doctors, nurses, and specialists in the room...not counting the baby!

At birth, the baby was breathing but not enough. They got to touch her but not hold her. She was taken away and the specialists began working on her. She has a breathing tube, etc. and will have the surgery in a day or two.

Such a pretty little girl...even if her parents hadn't named her yet! She is so soft and pink with fuzzy blonde hair. Both boys had dark hair! After she was settled, Kendra and Jason were taken back into the NICU to visit with their new daughter. Then two by two the grandparents and Aunt Paula were taken back. What a joy to see our new little girl! What a gift!

Kendra was taken to her new room on the 3rd floor down the hall from the NICU. No name yet! Friend Christina came to visit (she works with Kendra at a St. Vincent hospital) and then Tanya came for a visit. Tanya is also a CICOA worker.

Paula, Tom and I left to meet Ron and eat dinner at Longhorn. Kendra called us as we ate to tell us that Kendra's ob/gyn had dropped by to see how Kendra was. They ran the possible names by Dr. B and she liked Alexis so that is what they chose. Wow!!! What power she has!!! We did know (as of today) that Alexis' middle name would be "Elizabeth" in honor of Grandma "Libby" who is Jason's dad's mother.

Connie and Jim left to head back to Kokomo where Uncle Josh was taking care of Nicholas and Blake. Tomorrow, the boys will be at Aunt Paula's and Uncle Ron's.

Tonight, Tom and I are here at the Smith home where it is very quiet. No little K or J...toooooo quiet!

Well...can't say that today was uneventful!!! We have a new blessing in our lives!
Thank you God!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Quiet!!!

Since Jason had to go to work last night (Sunday), he packed up the boys and took them to his folks in Kokomo and saved his folks a trip here today. Connie and Jim had wanted them to visit. If something happens, they can either drop the boys at Paula's or take them to the hospital and Paula will get them there.

Kendra and I had a "big outing" to the grocery store yesterday afternoon in the pouring rain. Riding in the car is soooo painful for her. She has a Dr. appt tomorrow with the ob/gyn. Wish it were today! She shouldn't have to be in such distress.

Great! A freeze warning from 11:00 this a.m. until tomorrow!!!!! Just what we need!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Another Day....

It's April! The new leaves are on many trees and bushes now. The daffodils are in full bloom. Spring has arrived! I can't remember when I arrived here in Noblesville...perhaps 10 days ago. I did go home for 1 1/2 days somewhere in there. I'm glad I'm here because if I can help Kendra in anyway, it is worth it. It's worth it anyway because it gives me peace of mind knowing what is going on.

The boys are so good...they play together as best friends do...pretending, sharing, entertaining each other, an occasional spat......for hours at a time. They are totally adorable!'s April! Kendra is done with work...made it to both days of her conference...waited until her dad got rid of his past April Fool's Day...will have a baby who will have a "diamond" birthstone...SO..............

Let's get on with it!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good grief!!!

Kendra just came home from seeing the ob/gyn. They "fit her in" this afternoon. In 3 days, she is up 2 more cm now measuring 44 cm (full term is 40). She should be 37 cm. Her blood pressure was up to 145/93 and there was a trace of protein! She is 4 cm dilated! Dr. B would have her at the hospital but ......... I guess that everyone has to be on the same page! What in the world are they waiting for? How frustrating! I can't even imagine how frustrating it is for Kendra. She is miserable!