Thursday, May 29, 2014

A "PENNY" For Your Thoughts!

It's amazing to me that there are people in this world that live far away, that are seldom seen or heard but who are such good people, you can't help but love them and be thankful for their friendship.
One such friend is Penny Youngman. Penny's birthday is tomorrow (May 30th). I'm guessing that she will be about 39 years old. Penny has such a ready smile and makes anyone around her feel good. Of course, this is why people want her as a friend! She is a compassionate, loving, and  giving friend.
Happy Birthday, Penny!!!

Penny and Granddaughter Sarah
Penny and Sarah, Layla and I attended Grandma and Me Camp at Camp Barbee two different summers. We then decided to develop our own lesson plans and create our own Grandma and Me Camp right on River Drive (prior to their move to KY). The next year, our camp became Grandparents and Us Camp since we included the grandpas and Marley. We drove to KY and had camp. The Youngmans and Tom and I will be getting together next week to make our plans for this year's camp. Such fun!!!
Camp on River Drive
Grandparents and Us Camp
Penny and Jerry often spend 3 months of the year in Naples, FL and Tom and I have had the pleasure of spending a few days with them a couple of different times. It made our Florida trips extra wonderful! We were thrilled to spend a few days with them at their home in Kentucky and take a trip with them to Georgia a couple of years ago. When you enjoy travelling with people, you know that they are GOOD folks!!!
Penny and Jerry enjoying life in Naples!
It's difficult to talk about Penny without Jerry since they are such a team but since it's Penny's birthday...
Happy Birthday Penny!!!
TK and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Digits for Layla!!!

TK and I love all of our grandkidlets fiercely (as you already know!) BUT....Layla was our first girl and was born HERE in Elkhart! Of course I have millions of pictures of her and only thousands of the others!
Layla has always been a "PopPop's Girl". This is just a fact of life! They have always had a special bond and I love that they do. Layla loves being awakened, every other week, with a gentle backrub and a snuggle from her PopPop. Layla might have trouble seeing through the mass of curls on her head after a good night's sleep but she knows it's her PopPop. She also knows that he will be there when she and Marley get off the bus. So many little time!
"I told you that I can read!"

"Let's go for a walk PopPop."

A much needed rest

"Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!"

"Can you see the turtles?"

1st birthday

"I can keep up, PopPop!"

"Thanks for carrying me!"

"I love  PopPop's Path"

Helping PopPop at Northridge

"Read to me PopPop"
"I'm glad I helped you rake!"

"I feel like a princess"
"I love my PopPop!"
"I'm being a good mommy"
"The Children's Museum is such fun!"
 "I'm a happy girl!"
"I'm such a good girl!"

"JoJo lets me paint!!!"
 "I love to go high on the Frisbee swing!"
"This is my first Grandma and Me Camp"
"I'm ready for school!"
"Marley and I are going to see The Nutcracker!"
"I'm ready for the 4th of July!"
 "JoJo is going to teach me to play the piano. I'd better get started!"

"Thank you for being my PopPop!"

"It's my birthday!"
"I get to sleepover at PopPop and JoJo's!"
"I get to bowl for my birthday!"
"I love my daddy soooooo much!"
"It's a beautiful day for a photo."
"PopPop, can we talk?"
"Chris always gives us a treat for our birthday here at the Mayberry!"

"Happy birthday to me!!!"
"There is nothing like being in the water!!!"
"I get a keyboard from PopPop and JoJo?????"

"I will teach you to read these funny little shapes."
"I got to stay at PopPop and JoJo's on this snow day!"
"Two Awards!!!"
"This is my 4th grade picture. I'm ready now for 5th grade."
"Daddy and I are kayaking at Jen's cottage on Corey Lake. I LOVE the water!"
"This is more fun than.......anything!"
May 27th is Layla's 10th birthday. We were at the Snell Cottage yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day and the birthdays.
What a perfect way to celebrate birthdays, to end a difficult winter, to begin a summer and be with family.