Monday, April 20, 2009

Cars and Trucks and Toys....oh my!

My living room floor is covered with toys. There are GeoTrax layed out to form an interesting lay of the land with bridges, "mountains", train crossings and all the little landscape pieces that come with the set help to complete the design. Our set is from a garage set (but is rather nice if I do say so myself) but nothing compared to the set that the boys have at their home. Nicky has every monster truck that we own (nothing compared to his private collection!) lined up in a row ready for something. The blocks are now towers and the other stuff is...well...just is. They have room for all of this stuff at their house. Here, you can barely take a step without falling over if you have rotten balance like me. But do I care? Absolutely not!!! I'm thrilled that they love to play together and that PopPop loves to find nice toys at garage sales.

My car is suppose to get a new compressor today at Lochmandy's. We took it in last night after I fixed dinner for Brent's family and us. Since we have an appointment and they know the problem, it had better be done early or I won't have a way to get my car picked up. Tom teaches today from 2-5:15. Also, I am never sure if they will find another problem that needs fixing since I now have 101,000 miles on my Liberty. With that many miles, I am finding it harder and harder to trust. Makes me feel terrible because I love my car!

Can't believe how well Lexi is doing. She is really "showing us" isn't she?!!! I'm not saying that her little tummy won't decide that it should slow down on the feedings, but so far, so good. Brent and Elizabeth sat here last night and looked at all of the "Lexi pictures" that are on my computer. We all can't get over how she has changed and looks so good after nearly 2 weeks of birth and surgery. What a remarkable little girl! If my car is "road ready" today (hope hope hope) then, I'll see that little girl TOMORROW!

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