Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wild Weather!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting at Paula's ready to do Bible Study but got distracted. It's hailing outside...no....it stopped....it's raining.......no......blowing rain...........here comes the sun.....raining.........You get the idea. Hopfully this is the last day of this kind of weather for a while. Tomorrow, everything is suppose to be on the way to the high 70's by Saturday!!! About time. It has rained since Sunday!

Paula, Nicky and I picked Blake up after preschool, went to lunch and came back to Paula's for naptime.

Kendra just called from the hospital. She was eating lunch. Jason got up to the NICU by noon when his folks were to be there and Connie's 2 sisters were also to arrive. There are not to be more than 2 adults back in the NICU at a time.

Lexi had her food increased again!!! Go girl. Her white blood cell count is still high so she will have another blood test tonight to decide whether or not she should get an antibiotic. She seems so comfortable and calm and "looks so good", the doctors don't think that she has an infection. We'll see what the blood test shows.

After dinner, I will go with the family to the preschool Open House. It will be fun to see inside the school.

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