Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet, Suite Alexis

Lexi got moved to her own private room (within the NICU) yesterday. The doctor said that since the duodenum was distended when they did surgery, "complications are expected" when they begin the continuous feedings through a tube. They may have to stop and start the feedings several times before she can tolerate the food. We are not happy to hear that her suite is for "long term care" but that little girl has done so well with other situations, she could prove the doctors wrong.

Since her blood count isn't normal, Lexi will need another CBC today. Two days ago, she had blood drawn and it took 4 nurses, 5 tries before getting enough blood.

The best part of today was holding Lexi. It was my second time but every time is a thrill. She is down to 5 lb 3 oz from 5 lb 12 oz but once food begins, it will turn around. Amazing to hold such a precious little bundle.

Today, I am packing up the boys and taking them to Elkhart to see PopPop, Layla and Marley, Uncle Brent and Aunt Lizzy. The boys are soooo excited. I will get a car part fixed on Monday morning and head back here to Noblesville Monday afternoon.

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