Monday, November 21, 2011







And of course, when only PopPop was in the room, Alexis decides to walk across the living room only stopping to bend over to pick up a book and continue her walk to PopPop...about 25 to 30 steps!!! Yes Lexi! I'm talking about YOU!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I hate it when one of the kids is sick! It was awful as a parent and it's just as bad as a grandparent! Last week, Tom and I were in Noblesville and Lexi came down with a "bug"...temp, puke, and on all day. Nothing serious. Just felt really crummy for a couple of days. I became really good friends with Mr. Lysol. Even though Lexi was sick, she would play for a minute and then lay her head down. At one point, she got off her Mommy's lap and decided that it was PopPop's turn to hold her. But there was one problem: she couldn't wake PopPop up. She stared at him and that didn't do anything.

"PopPop. Wake up!" is what I'm sure she wanted to say.
"JoJo. Please wake him up! He needs to hold me. I'm sick!"
"Oh thank heavens!!! Hold me please PopPop! I'm sick."
"Finally! I really needed to put my head down!"
"Oh. I really needed this! But maybe I can sit up for just a minute......"
"Ohhhh. I feel terrible but what are my brothers doing?"
"I'm building something. Sorry you're sick Lexi."
"I'll help," says Blake (Harry).
 Which arms belong to which boy?
That was last week in Noblesville. Thankfully, they are all healthy now.
Tonight....right here in Goshen, IN, Layla and Marley are having a sleep over. We asked their Daddy if they could stay since it had been so long.
"I'll read you a story JoJo and Layla can look at the magazine." 
"I think my book is best" says Marley.
How old do these girls look anyway??? Good grief!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandparent's Day

Nicholas and Blake requested our presense at their school last Friday for Grandparent's Day. Blake's was first. I loved seeing him in his room. He is such a sweetheart and is so creative...thinks outside the box.

After listening to lots of talking, Blake was excited to be able to get to read to us from his book box.

Blake took us on a tour of his part of the school. He showed us the places that he wrote his name outside the artroom due to good behavior. Can you see his name? Left center.
It was fun to watch the kids show us grands how they remember the short vowel sounds: short a: stand At your chair; short o: stand On your chair; short u: get Under your chair, etc. So much fun!

PopPop Tom gives Blake a good-bye hug with Grandma Connie looking on. We do love our Blakie! 

Nicholas had his Open House in the afternoon. He had the task of interviewing us about "the old days". Grandma Connie, PopPop Jim and PopPop Tom watch Nicky write down the information. (This could take a while!)

Nicholas, like Blake, got to write his name several times on the ARTtitude board. Such good boys!

After a tour, Nicholas works on the packet of activities that he gets to do with his Grandparents. Such fun!

PopPop Tom and PopPop Jim think they can help but Nicky probably doesn't really need it.

What a small world!!! John and Judy Hart were at Grandparent's Day in the room next to Nicky's! What are the chances??? Here they are with granddaughter Reagan.

The second graders all made this "Read All About Me" poster which hung in the hall. I took this picture of Reagan's poster. Wish I had gotten closer but the hallways were rather crowded. Why is it that all these Grandparents think that THEIR grandchild is so special when I know that MINE are the most special!!!