Monday, June 27, 2011


Layla yelled for Nicholas and Blake to come and see PopPop make a coin disappear. (Oh..... do it fast PopPop before they get any older and wiser!) The boys are very excited to see this incredible feat!
"Can he REALLY make a coin disappear???" asks Blake.
"Where did it go PopPop???"

"Let's check your ear Blake," says PopPop. "It usually ends up behind an ear."
"Everybody line up and let's do some checking."

"Does anyone find anything? Have you checked each other?"
Why am I thinking that Brent isn't falling for this.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Bouncin' Babies"

All 5 grandkids were here for the afternoon. Kendra arrived by lunchtime from her weekend and Brent, Tom and the girls returned from Brent's bike race in South Bend soon after. Brent brought the bounce house over yesterday for the kids to play on but I think that Alexis loved it more than the others put together. She has accomplished getting down the 'slide' but now needs to work on getting back up. Soon enough...soon enough. Look at this precious little girl!!!

It was a wonderful 4 1/2 days. It is always a treat when Layla and Marley can come over when the "Smith Grands" are here. The cousins love playing together and it's so much more fun to have other kids to play with. Kendra is driving to Noblesville as we speak. I know a daddy that has really missed his family. (The boys had spent 2 days in Kokomo with the other Grandparents before coming here!!!) I know that they will be glad to return to their own beds and toys. Well...the house is waaaaay too quiet! Everything is picked up and put back 'in its proper place'. The office is once again the office and the baby's room is once again a scrapbook room. It might be tiring for us old people to be 'parents' again for a few days but I'm not sure I like it the 'normal' way very much either. It's waaaaay tooooo quiet!!! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Complete Joy!

I love when Kendra has her "girl's weekend" with her friends. I then have my three favorite "Smith Grandkids" here in Goshen for a few days. The challenge has been to keep Lexi safe since I have a stone hearth and, despite all the baby-proofing possible, she is an active, curious 2-year old. Plus...I am getting older! Plus...Tom teaches every morning (Concord High School Summer School Government) until 12:30. He will be done this coming Tuesday. Not good timing. (Did I say that I'm getting old?)  Blake began this morning with his Legos. We took them into our bedroom to keep those little pieces away from a little girl. Do you know how many lego pieces there are in one container??? Millions and millions!  He was quick to inform me that these were his "favorite pajamas"!
Nicholas got out the old toy that Brent used to play with when he was a kid. You can't see the Kleenex box that holds up the back of it. For some reason, the kids still love it and the box full of cars that Brent collected through the years. Nicholas is a picture of patience when it comes to Lexi "helping" him.

Alexis LOVES music! She will yell  sing "E-I-E-I" and you had better have your vocals ready to chime in! This little girl will sit on my lap for a half hour while I play the piano. The other day, she fell asleep. Wait! Does that say something about my playing???
After playtime upstairs, the kids headed to the basement. Alas, there is no carpeting so the knees on the kid's clothes aren't exactly as nice as when they arrived. There is something about light pink pants on a cement floor. Yes...I sprayed them. No...they are still gray! But nevertheless, Alexis loved pushing the grocery cart around. It really "moves along" on a cement floor. She did well keeping up.
Then it was time for some horse back riding!
In the late afternoon, we headed to Tommy's Kid's Castle in GoshenThe boys had a great time running, climbing, laughing and playing with any kids that would chase them. Well...that would be Blake. Nicky will hand-walk across sets of bars until his hands wear out. Strong arms on that little boy!

Alexis is ready to take Driver's Training! She'll be taking her test next week.

Then there is Blake. Blake will take on any challenge. He has little fear. There was an older boy that would chase Blake and run ahead of him throughout the park. Blake kept up with him and did whatever the boy did. Blake was in his element! Then the boy climbed something that was slightly challenging for Blake. I had my zoom on him so it looks easier than it was. I loved the expressions on Blake's face.

"I think I can...I think I can...I think I can..."

"I knew I could!!! I knew I could! I knew I could!"
You wouldn't know that it's the end of June!!! It wasn't cold but it was cool. I had a sweater on Lexi but I thought it was still too cool  for her so I grabbed a shirt of Nickys from the car to put on her. It fit like a glove  dress! It's the new look!
PopPop and Lexi love to swing...well...Lexi loves to swing!

This reminds me of a photo of Kendra that was taken at about this age. I think I'll go dig it out!
Sweet, silly, funny, lovable Blake! He can find a "friend" wherever he is. Just chase him or say the word "underpants" or "poop" or say something in "pirate" and he's all yours. He told me today that he had lots of friends at the park. He just didn't ask them their names.  Below you can almost see Nicky at the top of the slide and Blake running around at the bottom. Imagine that!!! It was a fun day. I do think, however, that I need to get myself to bed. Tomorrow is another day. I have a feeling that two little girl cousins might be putting in an appearance. I believe that that means.....5 little kidlets will be running, laughing, giggling, yelling, singing, playing, swinging, chasing, ....well...time for bed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This is my wonderful son Brent and his sweet Layla (7) and Marley. (4). He is a wonderful father to these two little munchkins. I am so proud of him and his neverending love for his little girls. Like son!

Happy Father's Day to Tom who loves his children more than life. As small children, I would tell Kendra and Brent that their father was a man that they not only would always love but a man that people would always respect. There aren't enough words in this world that I could ever write that would express my love for this man. He has loved us and provided for us in every way through the years and continues to do so. He is a rock!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Grandparent and Me Camp 2011

Layla and I joined Penny Youngman and Sarah for our 2nd trip to Camp Barbee for Grandparent and Me Camp. Luckily the near-100 degree days had just passed and the temps were great for us old folks. We had to put up with the few rainy moments (mostly at night) but that was fine with us.

 Penny and I are neighbors and Sarah lives in Kentucky. Sarah  is a lucky girl  in that Penny arranges to get her picked up just so she can attend camp. Sarah and Layla got accquainted on our way to camp last year and then went the entire year without seeing each other. They were soooo happy to see each other again.  We adults were disappointed that  the camp was poorly organized the entire time. We arrived at noon on Thursday, had lunch and then had one hour of bunk time before we even did anything. No one ever was introduced to anyone else.  Nevertheless,  the great part was being with my granddaughter, Penny and Sarah. 

Layla now has a "Big Girl Bible"and she loves it.

Sarah (left) and Layla compare Bibles

Of course, there is nothing more than walking in circles around the campfire.

We listened as VJ decided what to do next.
Layla and Sarah are ready to make something. What will it be?

They were to cut out a 5-point star. Oh my!!!

"Let's go on a nature hike!"

"What did you find?"


"Can we go to camp next year....together???"
JoJo and Layla (I love her more than chocolate!)

Sarah and Grandma Penny
We would keep telling each other things that we were thankful for.

Grandmas and their granddaughters

"How silly can we be?"

Raindrops on the pine tree!