Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April baby after all???

Kendra just called from the Maternal Fetal Medicine building. This afternoon's measurement was still 42. It should be 37. It is way too high.

She is carrying "an obscene" amount of fluid. She has a number of 39.? and it is suppose to be under 20!

Her blood pressure was down to 130/90 and there was no protein in the urine. She is coming home.

Poor Tom woke up with a terrible cold this morning (in Elkhart) so he can't even think of coming to Noblesville unless he is perfectly healthy. It will be awful if he has to miss the baby's birth.

Kendra will have another "protein" test tomorrow. Believe it or not, she is going downtown Indy tomorrow for a work conference!!! Crazy girl!!! Let's see how long she lasts...oh...she'll stay the whole time........2 days...........just wait and see!!!

Could it be today??????

Well, this could be the day! Kendra saw Dr. Brazus this morning. Her blood pressure was 155/83, was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. There was protein in her urine and her stomach measured 42 cm. when it should have been 37 cm. She has that much extra fluid. No wonder Kendra has had sharp pain in her upper abdomen. These are all signs of pre-eclampsia.

Because she already has an appointment this afternoon with Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dr. B let Kendra go home with strict instructions to make sure she doesn't leave the MFM this afternoon until they talk to Dr.B.. We are guessing (I'm positive!) that they will send her directly to St. Vincent's Women's Hospital. Like Kendra said in her blog, "if there's no update to this blog this evening, you'll know where I am....."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another "8"!!!

What great news! Kendra just called from the doctor's office. The baby got another "8"!!! The doctor was surprised that Kendra hadn't delivered yet. She is a strong woman. Since nothing is happening, I've decided to head home tomorrow (Thursday) to get a perm and return to Noblesville on Friday. Grandma Connie will stay at Kendra and Jason's Thursday night. I'm hoping that my leaving town doesn't get something started!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dilating....and waiting!

Kendra and Jason just got home from her Dr. Brazus appt. She wasn't there today so was checked by a different doctor. Kendra is now 2 1/2 to 3 cm dilated. She is home now and trying to find any comfortable position she can on the floor. She has had such horrible backaches for several weeks. She is more than ready to get this baby out... if the baby is ready.

Jason is back in the upstairs bathroom putting tile edging around the shower. The master bathroom has been under construction for the last 3 years. It is finally on the last leg of construction and looking wonderful. Maybe it will be finished enough that I will be able to paint the walls while Kendra is sitting with the baby after she is born.

Paula and I completed the nursery yesterday. Absolutely adorable. All done in soft gray and mauvy pink. We decorated with the many things that she got as gifts. Too cute!!! So.......the nursery is done, the baby clothes are washed, Kendra's bag is packed and we're ready!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

One day at a time..........

Wednesday was quite a day! We weren't sure whether or not we were going to be "having a baby" Wednesday night or not. It depended on whether or not the baby passed her afternoon tests. Thankfully, she got an "8"!!! That was the perfect number!

But the not knowing was killing me since I knew that if Kendra was sent to St. Vincent's Women's Hospital that day, Tom and I would still have 3 hours on the road. Therefore, I just packed up and drove down. I'm glad she didn't need me but at least I'm here if something should happen in the night while Jason is at work. She shouldn't be here alone. Tom drove down Thursday a.m. He has to be back to teach at Ivy Tech Monday so he drove separately. I brought everything I own just in case I end up staying for the next month or 2. One day at a time...

Kendra is miserable with back pain. The massages help for the moment but at least that is something. She has so much extra fluid since the baby can't "take it in" the way she is suppose to due to the duodenal atresia. Kendra, therefore, has all of that fluid taking up space making her baby think that she is 38 1/2 weeks along when she is really 35 weeks along. The date has been moved up to April 14 but the doctor says that there is no way she will go that long!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finishing the Trip...Saturday

This is our last day. Gorgeous weather. Headed back in the direction of Las Vegas via Boulder City. Such a cute little town. We did some shopping for stuff for Nicholas and Blake. We already had things for the girls. It was fun to check out so many little shops. On our way back to Borgaards but the driving this time was so much easier since Tom had an idea of how to get there. Arrived at 4:00, visited for a while and went to a Pub to have a very nice dinner together. They were so wonderful to put up with us and our crazy schedule both coming and going. They have such a beautiful condo. We headed for bed at 8:00 knowing we were getting up at 3:00. We were awake before then and out the door at 3:35 a.m. I know now that when going to the airport you don't take the "airport" exit just because you are going to the airport!!! You are suppose to go to exits beyond that to the "car return" exits!!! How is one to know that!!!!!! Where are the signs??? Of course, Tom got me back on the right course after I nearly drove downtown again! Luckily, we had plenty of time so we were fine.

Once we got to the airport, everything went smoothly. We arrived in South Bend and Bob and Kathy Thies met us and we headed to Hacienda immediately. I had FRENCH dressing for my salad which people out west do not use! I have unpacked and done a load of clothes and am now waiting to see the "little girls".

We had a great time and are glad to be home!

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Friday night, March 13 and no internet access so I'm writing this in Word and will put it into my blog later. We decided not to "do" the Grand Canyon due to snow and cold. We can go to Indiana for that so we headed west for 200 miles from Flagstaff AZ to Lake Havasu City, AZ. Now it is 77 degrees today in Lake Havasu City. Gorgeous weather!!! Drove another 75 miles to check out Parker, AZ (round trip) to see the sights. We didn't stay long there. Just a big Casino. Took 4 pictures along the way. The mountains were beautiful but really not worth the trip. Returned to Lake Havasu City and walked along the canal by London Bridge. Enjoyed the walk, had supper, shopped a little, went for another walk and spent the night in a Travelodge.

Never thought I'd be saying that I was ready to see trees. We have loved the warm weather, mountains, lack of pot holes, few big ugly billboards, straight streets, no litter, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Will be 125 degrees here this summer. March was a perfect month to travel here. Very easy driving except for the trip from Las Vegas airport to Borgaards. Everything else has been easy. Great driving! Little traffic!

But...I'm ready to see something besides scruffy landscape with cactus or scruffy bushes sticking up once in a while. the landscape is the same everywhere you look. The mountains are constantly changing shape and color and are magnificent, but we have see enough.

Tomorrow we will head for Needles, CA and spend our last night (just a very few hours back at Borgaards. Our plane flies out at 6:30 a.m. and we will need to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. Who knows, maybe we will just spend the night at the airport! I'll find out tomorrow!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Rocks of Sedona

Another lazy morning before heading north. It was 70 when we left Phoenix this morning but got cooler as we drove toward Sedona. Still sunny and nice. Seldom needed a sweater.

First stop was Montezuma's Castle. The Sinagua Indians built adobe cliff-dwellings during the 12th century. It was a 5 story, 20 room village in its day.

Next part of the trip was through the Red Rocks of Sedona. They were absolutely gorgeous! We stopped at many picture-taking places and were amazed at God's creation.

Nearly reaching Sedona, we stopped to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is built into the red rock. Amazing site. We walked up to the Chapel and even sat inside for a few minutes.

With more mountain driving to tackle, we drove on to Flagstaff with only one or two stops to take pictures. It was only after we got our room at the Hilton Garden Inn that it really began to cool down. First it was just a drizzle and then turned to snow!!! as we ate dinner at "Gramma's Closet". Ugh!!! After a lovely dinner, we went back to the hotel and settled in for the night! Beautiful day (at least until the weather changed to snow!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White Sox vs Brewers

After a leisurely morning, we headed to Glendale to the White Sox vs Milwaukee Brewers spring training baseball game. During the 7th inning, the Sox finally rallied and won 6 to 1.

We drove north (I guess) to find a Fairfield Inn, hit the pool, then drove north (I guess) to North Mountain Park. They had several trails. We walked for a while but since it was getting dark, we were careful not to venture too far. After eating at a Black Bear restaurant, we returned to our motel for some computer, TV, reading time. What another super day. It did hit 80 degrees!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What a beautiful day!!! Temps in the mid to upper 70's! Perfect weather! We took advanatage of the weather and headed to South Mountain for a little hike. Other than a few straglers, we were the only people on the path. Not the prettiest path but fun to walk.

While on the path, Kendra called to say she was on her way to Women's Hospital in Indy for more ultrasounds since there was so little movement from our little girl. Her due date has been changed from April 21 to April 14 (IF she goes that long).

Drove downtown Mesa for lunch and walked up and down a bit of Main Street. Not much going on downtown. In fact, I have been shocked at how few people have been in the towns and on the local roads. Very easy driving and very little traffic. After our walk, Tom and I returned to the Fairfield Inn and sat by the hottub/pool to read. Had a wonderful afternoon.

On the advise of Bob and Kathy Thies, we headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly art exhibit. He is the artist that created the glasswork which is 4 stories high in the center of the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. We saw it in the daytime an then at night when the glass pieces are lighted. It will take me a while to go through all the photos taken tonight! Then...to top it off...there was a full moon! Incredible gift!

We ate again at Mimi's Cafe since we enjoyed it so much last night. Tom is once again heading for the hottub. I'm right behind him!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Day! Monday, March 9

We got out of the the horrible motel room and stopped for breakfast. Thank heavens a new day is under way. Lookin' good!

We bought our tickets for the afternoon Cub's game, drove around Arizona State University and visited their book store. We even walked around the campus for a while.

Cubs vs Kansas City Royals: Great game! We won 9-1. We were so glad to get to watch Jeff Samardzija pitch! He pitched 3 innings. He was a great Notre Dame football and baseball player and after graduation, had to choose which to play. He is a Cubbie!!!

Tonight, we are at a Fairfield Inn and actually have internet access! After last night, I didn't know if I would have it or not! Very nice room. Bet I sleep tonight!

Had dinner at "Mimi's Cafe" which was soooo nice. The manager came over as we were ready to leave and brought us 4!!! homemade huge muffins (like the ones you buy at Perkins!) and as a gift. They always do that to 1st time customers. They also gave me a diet "to go". The manager talked to us for a few minutes and everyone was sooo nice! What a way to end the day!

Sunday continued

I was miserable! No camera! No camera card!!! No case!!!! Just shoot me now!!!!! I was in such a bad mood, I didn't even stop at Hoover Dam! I just kept driving! God forgive me for acting like a spoiled brat but I was a brat!!! Thank goodness, I had used my camera card to import the pictures I had taken of the Borgaard kid's homes into both Kent's computer and into mine or I would have lost all of those! I did lose the photos of the Belligio but it could have been so much worse!

Poor Tom! He knew that I was being a spoiled brat and he is about as good as any women could get! He suggested in his calm, quiet, "let's make her happy", sweet voice that we stop in the next town and get a new camera.

Guess what! I now have a Canon A1000. I'm happy again!

After driving for 300 miles, I was ready for a great place to stay and study my new camera.
Our hotel looked good on the outside but was right up there next to a BAD Knight's Inn! That's BAD!!! The alarm went off (I didn't set it!!!) at 3:30 a.m. and I couldn't go back to sleep. We were on the road before 8:00 but the day was looking brighter. Hurrah!!!

Las Vegas to Mesa! 300 miles

Woke up early and were out the door before the Borgaards work up. We had a great day on Saturday but got back to their house too late to write anything. I have some catching up to do.

Saturday; March 7
Mary and I did lots of visiting together in the morning which was great fun. It had been so long since having a chance to really talk. Kent and Tom were into heavy conversation in the living room.

After lunch, we drove to the Belligio which has a beautiful garden area. The flowers were just gorgeous! I know you are shocked that I took many many pictures. Then we walked outside to see the Belligio fountains which "dance" to music. Soooo beautiful! I took a movie of it to remember it by.

We then drove downtown to check out "the machines". With a few instructions...what is a full house? a straight? two of a kind? etc..........I put a dollar into the machine. After I got the hang of it, I had that dollar busy for quite a while. It was really kind of fun. People around us were using the machines (thousands of them!!!) so fast, I don't see how they could tell what they were doing! I ended up losing a total of $4. There goes my retirement.

We had dinner, did lots of visiting and went to see Frost/Nixon which was on in a theater right where we were. It's nice when everything is in the same place.

SUNDAY: March 8
We left Borgaard's early leaving them to sleep in to catch up their sleep after being such wonderful hosts.

On the road, we decided that we would be going right past the airport so we were going to stop and trade our car. Our rental didn't have a license plate...just a little piece of paper in the front passenger window. I could not imagine that we wouldn't get stopped for not having a license plate but were told that it really would have been ok but we changed cars anyway.

Traveling from Las Vegas to Mesa AZ is quite the trip! One of the most incredible parts of the trip is driving over the Hoover Dam. Just before the Dam is Boulder City. We ate breakfast at "Mel's Diner" and enjoyed the locals. On the road again, nearly to the Dam, was a gorgeous place to pull over to take pictures! Alright!!! However.........................no camera! It must have fallen on the floor of the 1st rental car as we were trading cars. The black camera case against the black floor is all we can think. I had double checked! Losing my camera is like losing my right arm!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Borgaard "Kids"

What an experience! In addition to the Arroyo walk, Mary and Kent drove us to each of their "kids" homes for tours. First was Dr. Barbara and Al's. Very cozy, warm, inviting. Barbara had a "wall of family members" framed in black 8X10's. The coolest part was how she used black iron plate racks in which she set the frames all hung vertically. Great idea! Al is a classic car collector. I took pictures (NO!!!) of his cars. He drives them daily. He has trophey's too numerous to count. Lots of antiques were all around but in great displays.

On to Boni and Bobby's home. It was 12,000 square feet and jaw dropping. As Mary punched the code to make the gate open, I knew this was going to be something out of the ordinary...it was! I asked how many bathrooms there were. Boni "guessed" that there were "around 12"!!!!!!!!!!! She guessed!!!! Well...needless to say, I took photos and will post some soon.

Home for lunch and then on to David's for 6:00 dinner. He is 5 miles away and the girls only 4. Darling how he has decorated the house. He moved in in December and said that his house is done in "garage sale" and "Boni's leftovers". Whatever, it is adorable. The fireplaces in the southwest are 2 sided in the center of the open-spaced house with "shelves" placed at eye level on all 4 sides of the fireplace. There are very interesting artwork, photos, etc. placed on these shelves. There are also "shelves" built into the wall area itself which are covered with antiques. I think it is a "Borgaard" thing that most wall space is covered with interesting artwork, lots of photos, plaques, and shelves are loaded with antiques. He has done amazing things (upstairs looks like a casino and is charming) and the downstairs is well decorated "garage sale" or not! Looks great!

Oh yes! Dinner was delicious too! He and girlfriend, Channon, make their own wine. It was nice to meet Channon. So interesting. This little girl with what she calls the "little squeaky voice" is a "General Contractor" and BUILT Boni's 12,000 sq ft. home! She was also responsible for the huge homes in that community! Massive! David said that if a guy that works for her thinks he can get away with something because she is this little blonde girl, beware! "Don't mess with her!!!"

After dinner, we went a couple of blocks from David's home to see Channon's. I don't know what universe I was in but it wasn't of this world! She is an antique nut and though smallish, it was incredible! There wasn't a wall space that didn't have something on it...many huge pieces of furniture were loaded with antiques, a huge mantal around her fireplace that she had made and put small tilework on it! She had an extra workroom (that she happened to decide to have added to her house (she decided on a Friday and it was done, complete with knocking out doors etc.) by the following Wednesday. I guess she "knows people!" She had a sewing machine set up because she can also create anything. Amazing woman!

Every home was totally unique but David's and Channon's were my favorite. Though full of stuff, everything was comfortable and cozy.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today we walked the walk with Kent. As a surprise birthday present, Mary and his kids had his writings and photos of the Arroyo published. The Arroyo is a natural habitat of dry stream beds with walking paths provided by City Hall which Kent walks often. Having read and digested Kent's book before arriving here, we were thrilled to be able to make the walk with him in reality. Pictures don't begin to describe the beauty but Kent's verbalization of the walk is magnificient.

We visited Barbara and Al's home and then went to on to visit Boni and Bobby's home. They both live within 4 miles of Kent and Mary's in opposites directions. David lives within 5 miles. We will head his way for 6:00 dinner.

Day 1...heading out

Thanks to Bob Thies, Tom and I got to the airport by 11:30 ready for our flight to leave at 1:30. After a one hour delay, we took off heading for Las Vegas. We landed at 3:30, shuttled to get the baggage, very proud of ourselves that everything was going well. After waiting in line for 1+ hours for our rental, we began the adventure of finding Kent and Mary's house. Thankfully, we made it to their gated community. By this time, it was 6:30 (9:30 our time)!!! We were thrilled to be there, were thrilled to greet the Borgaards and quickly changed clothes to go for dinner.

The Stratosphere was incredible!!! It is the restaurant at "The Top of the World"!!! We saw the entire city of Las Vegas while eating dinner. That's a LOT of lightbulbs burning in that city!!!

We "hopped" back back into the car and headed to Main Street Casino which is "old Las Vegas". Great experience.

After wandering around the area, we headed back to the house and Mary and Kent entertained us with Lemon pie. It was 2:30 in the morning for Tom and me but what a great day it had been.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In The Beginning...

We are packed! We are to be at Thies' at 11:00 this morning and Bob will take us to the South Bend airport for our 1:30 takeoff. We are heading to Las Vegas to visit Kent and Mary Borgaard. Kent turned 80 on Feb. 11 but we couldn't make it to his surprise birthday party due to Tom's teaching schedule at Ivy Tech. But today is the beginning of his spring break so...here we go!!!