Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Since Kendra is so faithful with keeping her blog updated ( I have been reading hers instead of writing in mine. She knows all the info and how to spell the big words so I haven't written much.

Lexi will hopefully taken off the vent today. This is scarey since we certainly don't want it to happen too soon but I have faith in the doctors. Her lung wasn't as "full" as they wanted it to be yesterday, so after x-rays, etc., she was immediately better. Keeping our fingers crossed for today.

Kendra and Jason haven't been able to hold Lexi for 2 days and that has to be so hard for them. I can't even imagine!

Tom and I got to visit for a couple of hours Easter. (Tom heads back to Elkhart today.) She looks so good to me (looking between the tubes!) and I can't wait to get my hands on her. Paula kept the boys during the afternoon, cooked our Easter dinner and provided the warm, wonderful atmosphere that she always provides. I called Mother before we ate dinner and she had a house full of Debra's "kids".

Easter was a wonderful day...flower filled and sunny. Thank you God!

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