Friday, August 16, 2013

A Day in the Big City

Nila and Larry App had never been on the Architectural Tour in Chicago. Tom and I decided they needed to go, so we drove to Dune Park, hopped on the South Shore and arrived at Millennium Station. We were in time to hear some of the rehearsal for the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus which made my heart soar! (Tom took these orchestra photos since he walked down close.)

Rehearsing Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring
Larry had never seen The Bean so that was an important stop:
While I was taking a picture of the Apps, Tom was photographing me taking the picture.
We hiked to the river to get tickets for the Architectural Tour. The weather was perfect!!! The guide was incredible!!!
Tom and I had taken the tour before but you can't take it too many times (especially with great friends and fantastic weather!).
BTW: Believe it or not, I took many more pictures than are posted.


Who is that guy right there taking pictures???

The clouds moved in and it gave relief from the sun.
They were absolutely beautiful!!!
(But there wasn't a hint of rain :) )

The tour completed, we were ready for lunch. We finally found the restaurant that had been recommended by John Weaver and Verlyn Nofziger. Ok...their taste is a little different than mine but it certainly was an experience. It was kind of scary!!!
Finding the Billy Goat Tavern was an experience in itself. It's down-under.
After "eating", we hiked along enjoying the sights and sounds of Chicago. It is a beautiful city. It is amazing how the buildings are so different from each other and yet they enhance the vibrancy of Chicago.
This is what we saw as we walked over a bridge.
Tom took the next 6 photos.

Tom and Nila wanted to go see the Buckingham Fountain but my feet were killing me and Larry's back hurt (we're OLD!),
so Tom and Nila went on their own.

As we were ready to head back to the train, Nila noticed that we were walking past the Elephant and Castle restaurant on the corner of LaSalle and Clark streets. Nila got so excited remembering that their nephew Jameson App worked there. He was on duty and free for a few minutes!!!
Larry and Tom wait outside while Nila checks to see if Jameson is on duty.

When I went inside and saw him, I realized that I had not only met Jameson at Larry's mother's funeral but I had accompanied him to sing. He is a singer/actor and it was wonderful to accompany this amazing talent!!!

"Are we ready to head to the train now?"

"Just one or two more pictures, please. That building changes color as the daylight changes! Amazing!"

 Back on the train, Nila and Larry chuckle over pictures.
"Hit that 'delete' button, Nila!!!"

What a terrific day we had!
Thanks for sharing it with us, Larry and Nila!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Concord South Side began classes today for Layla (now a 4th grader) and Marley (now a 1st grader). How did this happen??? Tom and I were invited to come over and hear about their first day of school (perhaps because we did everything but invite ourselves!). With new bus routes in place (they only ride the bus after school), travel times are always longer on the first day while the drivers figure out their routes.
                              Hi Layla! How was 4th grade?
"Marley, will you stand by the tree and let me take your picture?"
Hmmmmm....I think she said "no".
(This was a long day for wearing the braces but she did it.
Of course, she had no choice in the matter which is a good thing.)

Nothing better than letting feet air out for an hour
and have a good scooter ride.

Jen decided that flowers would be perfect for today.

It's time to go through the book bags and get the paperwork filled out for school before we go eat dinner.

"Marley, can you read this to me?
It's an apple poem," asks Layla.
She did a great job!

It's a trip to Steak and Shake since it's a special day.
The girls were thrilled
except when Daddy started talking about "pulling a very loose tooth".

"I'm not going to pull it Marley."

"Oh thank you Daddy!!!"
Layla, Marley and Jen wait for their dinner with great expectation!

Everyone talked about their day.
It was a good one.

It was fun to be a part of the girl's
first day of 1st grade and 4th grade.
Now quit growing!!!