Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1 Day Old...

Alexis is 1 day old. She was poked and prodded and spent the day getting ready for her surgery tomorrow to get rid of the blockage. It will be at 10:00 a.m. We will just have to wait and see what all takes place.

Kendra got to change Lexi's diaper and take her temperature for the first time. They are the tiniest diapers I have ever seen! They aren't even premie diapers but are soooo small!

Jason spent this afternoon and evening picking up his boat and getting it into the water since there was nothing he could do at the hospital, it was a good day to get that job done and the grandparents were with Kendra. Conya and her family went to meet Alexis this evening. The children (cousins) only get to see pictures. The only children allowed in the NICU are the siblings. The boys spent this evening with Uncle Josh again but will go to Paula's tomorrow. Nicholas is NOT happy that Alexis wasn't named Natalie! She is his best friend at pre-school and he had his mind made up that that should have been her name. Blake really doesn't care.

Well...tomorrow is surgery day so we are to be at the hospital early. So grateful that we are retired so that we can be here for support. Tom will head back to Elkhart after the surgery but will return with tax forms in hand for me to sign on Saturday. I'm good for something!

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