Sunday, April 29, 2012

A "Swinging" Afternoon

Layla, Marley and Brent met us for brunch after church and then came back to our house for the afternoon. The girls headed to the frisbee swing, as usual, and then grabbed their gloves to help PopPop do a little weeding.

"Higher Daddy! Higher!!!"

Layla is always "camera ready".

Marley is excited to have a turn but not for too long.
"Underdog Daddy!!!"
"Is it ok if I picked this leaf?"

"I think that I will plant it in PopPop's garden."

"Where shall I plant my leaf?"

"This is a perfect spot!"

"Oh no! PopPop is going to put me to work weeding this shade garden and............

this one!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need to go home for a rest!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Aunt Eleanor turned 90 on April 5th. She has always been such a special lady to me. She has perpetual joy in her heart and soul. It's one of those things that I wish I could say about myself but can't. I'll just keep trying though. Aunt E doesn't even have to work at it! She has served others all her life. Her daughter (my crazy cuz), Carol Ann and I were discussing all the people that Aunt Eleanor has cared for (not for weeks but for years!!!) and we couldn't even think of half! Now, Carol Ann is caring for her mother. Aunt Eleanor is in a great facility but Carol Ann is there to be with her mother daily. She loves her, laughs with her  and no matter the situation (some of which are quite messy), Carol Ann loves on her with all her heart. She learned well from her mom.

Aunt Eleanor and Jill

Aunt Eleanor and Mother

Here is Carol Ann a couple of years ago. I can't believe that we forgot to take each other's pictures! Oh well!!! I grabbed this one. I always did love it.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Alexis will turn 3 tomorrow...April 7th! Oh my! When I think back to those first three (plus) months of her life in the NICU at St. Vincent's Hospital and the day-by-day trauma, I can't even comprehend that this coming Monday, Lexi will get on a school bus (yes, you read that right!) and head for her first day of Public School. We are blessed to have wonderful programs in place that will continue to enhance the wonderful First Steps therapies that she has had since birth. This little girl is ready to take on the world!
"Have you heard that it's my birthday???"
"I will be 3!!!"
"Oh! I'm exhausted! I have to rest up to go see PopPop and JoJo in Goshen. I hope I get to see my cousins. They are such fun!"

"Nicky, Blake  and I made it to Goshen. I'm soooo glad! Marley and Layla are here! JoJo is already making us sit together for a picture! What is she thinking???"

"Those crazy kids! I think that I'll go get my diaper changed! Maybe I can get them to go outside."

"Yipee! Layla and Marley came outside with me. What??? Another picture? Yes JoJo! The trees are beautiful!"

"Now can I go for a walk?"

"I'm getting soooo big!"

"I see Elmo! Elmo is my favorite!!! Nicky is reading it to us! JoJo made it with pictures of me as a baby. Gosh I was a cutie bug!!!"

"Is it a game, Blakie? I can tell that Mommy gave JoJo some good clues for my presents. Oh birthdays are such fun!