Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Brent!

My "baby" turned 38 on February 28th. How can this be? Just yesterday he looked like this:
....and then, I blinked and he looked like this:
...but when in the world did this happen???:
It looks like Brent holding mini-Brent!
Brently is definitely my favorite son. Raising a son with a great sense of humor, a love of drumming, biking, running with his many friends and love of life, was challenging wonderful!  He was kind, thoughtful, (what are those other boy scout terms?) and an all round good kid. He still is....just an older kid with 4 kids!  I loved watching him interact with Layla and Marley for several years and, with the addition of Ava and Rhys, we begin again. What a gift!
        Happy birthday Brent! You have made us very proud.
               (Sorry this is late being written as we were traveling home from Naples, FL, but the sentiments expressed are just as strong.)