Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday X 2!!!

Layla and Marley had birthdays last week. Marley turned 4 on May 22nd and Layla turned 7 on May 27th. It was a great excuse to head to Noblesville to let the other cousins help them celebrate.


Pirate Blake, Lexi, Nicky and Layla enjoy being together soooo much!
Marley and her daddy play a hot game of cards as Blake looks on.

Lexi loves anything that looks like a computer.

To kill time until the bowling alley opened, we went to the boy's school to play on the playground.

"Chase me KK! Chase me!!!" yell Nicky and Marley.
"That's not how you are suppose to do it Daddy!!!" says Layla.

Nicholas feels very  tall!
"I can do it myself!" says Marley.

"Now PopPop. This is what I want you to do," says Marley.

Are her feet even touching the ground???
PopPop Tom takes a break!

Finally at the bowling alley, Nicholas is anxious to get started!
Layla is ready for the challenge.

Marley needed a little instruction and then was ready to bowl.

Blake, Uncle Brent and Nicky patiently wait their turns.

Both Nicholas and Layla got strikes one after the other!!!

Layla sure loves her PopPop!!!

Nicholas, Blake and Marley love how their clothes glow in the alley's special lighting.

Nicholas makes another strike!
"I love you Mommy!" says Blake.

Using a flip-flop theme, Kendra is ready to throw a party!
Layla finds one of the many clues hidden around the house that will help her find her birthday presents.
Layla finds her homemade card from JoJo.

"I love JoJo's cards" says Layla.
Marley loves Angelina Ballerina! "Thank you KK and family!"
"This dog can walk!!!"
Such a fun gift to prepare for Layla: A photo album with several specially chosen photos. She got to put the photos into the album and will now have a place to keep the photos that I give to her. Even better...there was a peace sign on the front!
Brent, Marley and Blake play a game together.
Marley, Blake and Nicky have fun together.
It was a great weekend. Unfortunately, I had to leave after this game and before they ate their birthday supper due to Sunday morning commitments at Trinity UMC. I commited to playing 2 duets and singing a solo during the service since the original plan was that everyone would gather in Elkhart for the birthday celebration and then it got changed. I was just grateful that I could be in Noblesville from Thursday to Saturday.  Since Tom and the rest of the family wasn't returning until Monday, I decided that I would go to Battle Creek after church to see Mother and Debra. I didn't realize that I would end up in the middle of a tornado. Many trees were down but once we got out of town, it was best that I brought them back to Goshen since they still have no power as of this writing (Tuesday). It has been a stormy spring.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wild & Wonderful Weekend!

What a great weekend! Tom and I headed to Noblesville on Thursday. On Friday, we got to go to Forest Hill Elementary (where both boys attend) for "Writing Celebration" day.  Nicholas wrote his book about his love of basketball. He did a wonderful job and made this ol' 1st grade teacher proud!!!
It was fun to watch as he and his mommy listened to other Young Authors read their books.
When it was over, Alexis had fun just being in Nicky's classroom.
Saturday was another busy day! In the morning was the first soccer game for Nicky's team. The sun was actually out and it was warm and gorgeous! Blake entertained Lexi during the game and vice versa. I love that Blake like to take pictures. I love it that there is a 'delete' button...you know...just in case there is a bad picture (if there is such a thing!).
Thank you Blake for letting me take your picture. A good bribe now and then is not necessarily a bad thing!

Good job, Nicky!!!

Alexis is working so hard at standing up. She is soooo close. She has raised herself to a standing position a couple of times and has stood alone for a couple of seconds. Here she gets a little lean support from Daddy.

Then...from Tiger Scout to.....
Wolf Scout!!!
My favorite Wolf!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Time!!!

It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday and Layla was hot! Today, she decided it was time for a cut!

I took these photos before going to see Lisa Sue.

This is the back of Layla's hair "after". It is adorable.

Layla had her hair tucked behind her ears so you can't see how cut it really is. It is darling!

Marley got a "summer cut" also. Sooo cute!

Before the girls got their cuts, they helped PopPop plant his Elephant Ear plants.

It was fun just digging in the dirt.
Spring is here!!!!