Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Indy 500.....But "Kindy-500"!!!

Nicholas is nearing completion of his Kindergarten year. Just 3 more days and he is a 1st grader!!! But today was a thrill! We got to attend his "Kindy-500" where every Kindergartener got to ride a big-wheel and race against each other. Doesn't cost anything but certainly proved entertaining! Tom, Mommy, Blake, Alexis, Aunt Paula and I (Daddy is travelling to Georgia) were spotted in the crowd. See that sweet face in the center? He's waving at me and waiting his turn. Get ready...set....go!
It was well organized and they raced 4 kids against each other and then when all had had a turn, they raced the winners of each race against each other.

It's finally Nicky's turn! He's ready!!!

Blake is ready to cheer his brother on next to neighbor and friend, Alex and her brother Jackson.

After each child finished his/her turn, they could visit different stations...face painting...

.......flag making..................


................ and race car snacks.
Then, any dads that wanted to could race. It was hysterical.
The moms get to try it next with their own kids giving them a push.

And then the best part.................the teachers could take a turn!
This is Mrs. Miller (above). Below you see how much Nicholas loves his teacher, Miss Gray who will soon be Mrs. Perdue.

Look at this sad face! My heart was so sad for Nicky for a few minutes. He had waited for sooooo long at the face painting station and then all the kids were called to take a seat to announce the winner of the race. So, after all that waiting he sat...with never a complaint. After the announcement, he returned to the station (starting again at the back of the line) and waited and waited and waited. He finally got to be "in the seat" and the lady doing the painting had to leave!!! Heart break, but............
...........Mommy to the rescue. He just wanted a simple Colts horseshoe. Blake looks on and decides...........
...he will get one too since his mommy is doing the painting.

Lexi was a her usual sweet, happy little self during the race. She is sad though that she doesn't get a Colts emblem on her cheek but maybe next year. She didn't fuss about it though. Bless her heart!

Friday, May 14, 2010

What A Weekend!

I got my computer back so I am able to put in photos of last weekend. It began with a FREEZING ballgame for 6 yr old Nicholas. That sweetheart never complained once! (I made up for it, though!) Keep your eye on the ball Nicky! He did and hit it every time he was up to bat!
Since this is a "transition" year, every child gets to bat. If they strike out or are "thrown out", they do return to the dugout. Nicholas was last up to bat and didn't get out so he got to run the bases! Just as good as a homerun to him!!!

Blake and Alexis have warmed up and are ready to play. Such good brothers!

After the ballgame, Kendra and I hustled to get to the baby shower for Christy & Eric Ewing.

Woops! Wrong order for the pictures.....Friday evening was the surprise birthday dinner for my sister, Paula. Heather had everything planned. This is the kind of thing that happens when one hits the big 6-0! (Turn around Heather!!! Your red hair is beautiful but I want to see your face!!!)

Don and Susie Thacker were instrumental in getting Paula to the restaurant for dinner. Aren't they a cute couple!

The birthday girl and Ron. Oh....and there is Jason holding Lexi!

Lexi enjoys the pink boa.

Blake and Nicholas discuss life with PopPop. After a 2 1/2 hour dinner, these little guys never complained once! They are amazing (and that is NOT normal!)

Tom and I headed back to Elkhart after the baby shower on Saturday so we could go to Battle Creek on Sunday for Mother's Day. Mother entertained us after dinner. Always a good time!
Sunday afternoon, we returned home because we knew that Layla and Marley would be coming for the night and the next few days due to her Grandpa Rich being in the hospital at the IU Med Center. Layla was quite worried about her grandpa but when she found out that I would be at her school to visit on Monday, she could think of nothing else.
Monday was a treat! I was invited to Layla's classroom (her teacher, Carolyn Smith, has been a dear friend for many years!) to read with Layla from my "You Read To Me; I'll Read To You" book. Layla was sooooo excited.

Monday night, after bathtime, Layla sits at my piano and sings beautiful songs! Quite entertaining.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good News! Bad News!

Wednesday...May 12
Good news "TTT" surgery is over and done with for another 3 months. Maybe I will luck out and not have any more tumors.....ever again! Twelve tumors in 12 months is enough already!!!

Bad computer is sick. I am typing this on Tom's and therefore, cannot enter pictures since the pictures are in MY harddrive and not his. Wonder when I will get it back!!!

Good news! I got home from the hospital at 1:30 since they called me again to ask me if I could come in at 10:30. Of course I did since there was no way I was going any place without makeup, etc. That "no makeup" rule is the worst part of the whole process. I put a bag over my head when entering and when leaving the hospital. I just walk a little slower when I make my exit!

Bad news...At 6:30 Brent calls us in a panic! He and the girls are at Nay's house (Stephaney Nay is Elizabeth's sister) since "Nana" (Elizabeth's mother) is caring for the Nay 2 children while Stephanie and Elizabeth are in Indy with their dad. He has received a call that "Great Nana" (Elizabeth's grandmother who lives with Nana) has fallen. Would Tom and I go to the Nay house and rescue Nana who has been left with FOUR children while Brent goes to Great Nana! Since the Nays have recently moved Tom needs me to show him where they live. We take Layla and Marley from the Nay home, take them home, bathe them and get them to bed. Tom then heads up to the hospital (9:00 P.M.) to see what is happening. I stay at Brent's.

They return to Brent's at midnight. Great Nana has a badly broken hip just below the old hip replacement site. Surgery would be Thursday.

Thursday, May 13
At 10:30 a.m. Tom and I arrive in Great Nana's hospital room to be with Nana while Great Nana is in surgery. She is in surgery for 5 hours. We are at the hospital for around 6 1/2 hours joined later by a friend of Nana's and her Priest. Both ladies are delightful and in spite of the circumstances, we do lots of sharing.

After surgery the doctors said that they had "worked hard" to repair the break, removing the old hip replacement and putting in a new one with a stem going nearly to the knee cap with nuts, bolts, and other "stuff" tied around it to make it stronger. Great Nana had come through very well and would need to go to a rehap facility perhaps Monday or Tuesday.

At 4:30, Elizabeth and Stephaney are relieved from their post at the IU Med Center (with their Dad) by Jeffrey (step-brother). They arrive in Elkhart at 7:30 and come here before they go to their own homes since Stephaney can't get into her house until her husband Mike gets home from teaching Driver's Ed. After Elizabeth delivers Stephanie to her house, she heads home to Brent.

Wheeeeewwww! Long day!

I can truly say that this will certainly be a week that we will never forget!'s not over yet!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TTT Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my TTT (teeny tiny tumor) removal. Originally I was told to be at RiverPointe at 1:30 but am now told to arrive at 11:15 for an "antibiotic infusion". Don't ask me why. I don't know. I will update my blog, hopefully, tomorrow night. Right now, the real concern is the sad news that Rich Pedler's cancer had spread. He did not have his stomach removed after all. It is going to be a difficult time for the "kids" (Elizabeth, Stephaney and Jeffrey's families) and Rich's many friends and family. Hospice will be helping him be as comfortable as possible during his few remaining months. Such a sad time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Next week....

Next week will be quite a week. Tomorrow, Tom and I will head to Noblesville to see the kids and Kendra and I will attend a baby shower on Saturday. Sunday, we will be with Mother in Battle Creek. Sunday evening until ? we will have Layla and Marley since on Monday, Rich Pedler (Elizabeth's dad) will have his entire stomach removed (hard to imagine?) at IU Med Center.

Wednesday afternoon will be my "TTT" (teeny tiny tumor) surgery. It will be the first time that I will have 6 out instead of the usual 3 since we let the last triad of tumors wait until this surgery. It will be over quickly and I'll be home before anyone realizes I'm missing.

The following weekend is Tom's birthday weekend and am not sure what is happening during that weekend. Kind of waiting to see how Rich is doing and where everyone will be.

So......some concerns and some joys. Thanks to all for the prayers....especially for Rich.