Friday, November 23, 2012


Unbelievable! Abnormal! Shocking! My camera didn't come out of its case on Thanksgiving Day! Kendra was in disbelief and Heather was thrilled.

It has been a wonderful holiday here in Noblesville. I arrived on Tuesday in time to  help Paula do the grocery shopping. Tom drove separately. With Paula and Kendra's houses so close together, Tom and I  typically sleep at Kendra's and everyone invades Paula and Ron's house during the day. As I write this, Paula, Heather, Kendra and I are sitting around Paula's loooong dining room table. I should take a picture. There are 4 people and 4 laptops in use. Every now and then a comment is made and laughter erupts. There are grunts and groans about how much sugar has been consumed after which someone yells, "pass the cookies!!!". We are so bad but we have such a good time together.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and there was waaaay too much food but we would have it no other way. Kendra's family had spent Thanksgiving Day in Logansport with Jason's family.  They returned to Paula's in time for the evening dinner. Brent and Jen Snell spent time with Jen's family in Columbus IN stopping here for dinner before heading back to Elkhart. I loved having both of my kids here at the same time.

Black Friday was such fun this morning since Paula and I love to follow our daughters around in the dark as we check out some of the "deals". We were not in a big rush this morning and we had no major items on our lists so we just took our time and avoided the crowds. We actually got a lot accomplished.

I did take a couple (shocking isn't it!!!) of pictures on my phone of the Smith kids on Thanksgiving Eve:

Lexi plays ball with her big brothers

Nicholas, Blake & PopPop
Baking with the Best

P.S. Heather is using this blog entry as a test to see if the margins are set correctly. This is a test! This is a test!! This is a test!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Professor Smith

It was easy to spot Blake when we walked into his classroom for Grandparent Day. Nothing makes that little boy happier than when he can dress in a shirt and tie!!! Is this normal??? (I remember Tom mowing after school with his tie still on! It must be normal!)


       Professor Blake Thomas Smith


         It was easy to spot our Little Professor. Don't you love it???


       Blake was really getting into the graphing assignment!


Mrs. Harger was reading a story using an "overhead" that I would have loved when I was teaching. Grandma Connie and PopPop Jim (both in black) and Pop Pop Tom (on the floor by Blake) listen to the story.


        Blake's wonderful 2nd grade teacher.


     Blake was so happy to be with his gym teacher...


               ....and his art teacher.


     We were so happy to be able to be with Blake!


Grandma Connie and PopPop Jim were also happy to
be at Grandparent's Day! They made the trip from
Kokomo 2 days in a row since Alexis' Grandparent
Day was the day before Blake's. Tom and I were so
sorry that we couldn't get there but appreciated that
the Smith grandparents were.

 I'm so thankful that Blake is loving 2nd grade!
    I love that little boy more than chocolate!

PS. I am using a different program to enter my photos.
The positioning of the lines of print that you see, are
not how I type them. they look normal as I type them.
 One of these days, I'll get this figured out!