Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre- Surgery

Tom and I got up early enough to be here at the hospital by 8:00. We were thrilled when Kendra and Jason asked us to go down to the NICU unit to take pictures!!! We were down at the NICU for an hour and a half. Wonderful!!!

Lexi looked so cute with her clean hair. The blonde hair on top sticks straight up. Jason was able to hold her for the 1st time!!! He had told me last night that not being able to hold her was ****! Kendra had only held her once after she was born for a very few minutes. Jason held her for 45 minutes, tubes were changed and then it was Kendra's turn. The nurses are totally wonderful. They never make you feel that you are in the way. They do anything they can to make you feel comfortable. I took many pictures (go figure) and will put them on the internet soon.

Connie and Jim just got up here (10:00) and have gone down to the NICU to see if they can see the baby before surgery. Kendra and Jason aren't back yet but I expect them shortly.

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