Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Someday when I am old...

I will move to Chicago...

live in Trump Towers...
buy condos for my relatives...

hire the windows to be washed...

have a beautiful garden...
give Tom a large lawn ornament...

(changed my mind about which ornament to buy)...

and hire this family to work for me!!!
           It really was a perfect day to take a day trip to Chicago. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R.O.M.E.O. (Rowdy Old Middleburians Eating Out)

It's the first "kid day" at our four Middlebury Community schools: Middlebury, Jefferson, Orchard View and York but instead of being at school, these rowdy old Middleburians were living it up at the home of Dodi and Jack Oxenrider on Hunter Lake. We laughed together, reminisced, and prayed for the teachers and kids that were at school. A wonderful time was had by all. Thanks to Dodi and Jack for sharing their beautiful home with so many!
Barbara B. and Dodi O.
What a team!

Sally F. and Kathy S.
Lynn, Elaine, Jan, Barb W.
Shirley M., Jan S., Elaine U.
(They look waaay too happy!)
Sara V. & Verlyn N.
 (This looks like trouble!)
Barb W. & Kathy R.
Nancy S., Barb B., Justine P.
 Three part harmony!
Lynette B., Verlyn N., Karen R.
 "Are you kidding me???"
Joan Stiver: "Gotcha!"
Violet Kaufman: "Let me think."
Ron Stump tries to quiet the rowdy crowd.
Everyone listens to Verlyn.
Who me???
Ginny M. and Rachel W.
"Let us pray."

"Time to eat!!!"

Velma P. &  Frank H.

Barb B. & Nancy S.
Judy M, Verlyn N., Lynn B.

Lynette B. & Jan S.
These two don't looked stressed at all!

Janet R., Teresa Y., Thelma S.
Joan, Verlyn,   Velma P. & Linda G.

Nancy S. & Elaine U.
Sally L., Ann L., Ginny M.

Marcia K. & Ruth M.

Janet R., Barb W., Teresa Y., Thelma S.
Janet R., Lynette B., & Jim M.

Frank H. & Gerald W. discuss next year's R.O.M.E.O.
My apologies to the people that I missed, name mispellings, misdiagnosed or whatever. I am especially sorry that I don't have more pictures of Dodi after all that goes into getting ready to entertain a group of any size. Thanks to Barb Bontrager and Marcia Kindy for helping me with the difficult task of gathering current email addresses or phone numbers. Thanks to those people that made calls to make food assignments. See you all next year.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's been a weekend of "firsts". Kendra and kids arrived Wednesday afternoon for a final fling with us before school begins. We took a couple of day trips to places that we knew they hadn't been before. We enjoyed the cooler 80+ degree days after the horribly hot temps that we had been having. It was also fun that the cousins were able to be together Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday.

 A First: Day trip to Potato Creek State Park...warm water...short ride...easy day
A First: Lexi's First Haircut.....not her favorite thing to do. She signed that she was done before it started!

A First: Goshen First Fridays....fun walking up and down Goshen's main street. Lots of fun and lots of people!
A First: Curious Kid's Museum in St. Joseph MI with my grandkids and not 3 busloads of 1st or 2nd graders. What a joy!!!
A First: Beautiful Silver Beach....first experience with waves....cold inspite of the hot temps...

A First:  Visiting the Discovery Zone (Part of the Curious Kid's Museum)

A First: Watching the Chalk Artists on a street in St. Joe...fabulous!

It has been so much fun with the kidlets. What did I ever do before the days of digital camera??? For me, my camera IS priceless!