Monday, May 27, 2013

Lovable Layla Turns 9!!!

Happy birthday, Layla!!! I can't believe that you are 9 years old!!! You will always be a beacon of light to PopPop and me. We have watched you grow and blossom and since you live near by, we have been able to tuck you under our wing and hold you tight. We love that we can come to your house every other week, very early in the morning, and wake you up, hold you, kiss you, and send you off to school. You are so precious to us. How am I going to choose from 9 years worth of pictures?

"I love a good book!"

Ring Around The Rosie

                "I have my PopPop wrapped around my finger!"

"PopPop loves to show me his river."

"I got to go to school with PopPop and write on his chalkboard."

"PopPop let me eat lunch with him at his school."

                         "I love sleepovers at PopPop and JoJo's."

                        "Did I tell you that I love my PopPop???"

                            "JoJo knows that I love Clifford."

                "I get to do lots of crafty things when I visit JoJo."

"I think I'll feed my baby."
"PopPop and I need a break from raking!"
"JoJo and I attended 'Grandma and Me' Camp. It was so much fun!"

"Did I tell you I love my PopPop??? I think I did."
"I have done cheerleading for football games and basketball games. It is so much fun!"

                    "JoJo got me this vest knowing that I would look cute."

                         "JoJo loves to take my picture. I don't mind."
"PopPop  loves to take us outside and play in the snow."
"I am soooo happy! I asked JoJo to give me piano lessons even though I didn't have a piano. Today I  turned 9 years old and guess what PopPop and JoJo  got me for my birthday???
A keyboard!!! "
Happy birthday to our Layla.
We love you more than chocolate!

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