Monday, June 10, 2013

Grandparent and Me Camp...In the Beginning

Penny Youngman and her granddaughter, Sarah,  had attended Grandma and Me Camp at Barbee for a couple of years when I found out about it. Three years ago, Layla and I went along. We went for two years and then Penny and I decided that we could do "our own" Grandma and Me Camp. We found curriculum, scripture, did campfire... the full-meal-deal... and it happened up and down the street...right between our own homes on River Drive. It was just the 4 of us; it was cheap; it was good. Sarah and Layla have developed a wonderful relationship over these few years.

Then, the Youngmans decided to move to Louisville! Not good...except that Tom and I love to visit them. So, this year, we collected Layla AND Marley and yesterday afternoon, we began our little journey to GRANDPARENT and ME CAMP. We added a granddaughter AND the grandpas.

We drove yesterday the 2 1/2 hours to stay in Noblesville for the night. Kendra and family, however, are on vacation in Tennessee. We invaded their house and set up shop. (On a side note: I am so amazed at the remodeling they are doing to their kitchen! )

Since the girls wanted to sleep on the same floor as us and Layla said that she LOVES sleeping on Kendra's couch (it's huge!!!) She got the couch...Tom got the other part of the couch (I said it was huge!) and Marley and I slept in "my" bed. Marley was out cold by the time I got to bed and as morning drew nearer, little "Miss-Hog-The-Bed" encouraged me to get up at my normal 5:45ish. I might have slept a few more minutes but not today. She is going to think that she slept alone.

Last night, Marley and PopPop had so much fun up in Nick's and Blake's room building with Lego's while Layla and I walked down to my sister Paula's house. Layla wanted to see the "puppies" and I hadn't had a chance to talk with Paula in a long time so we had a great evening.

See the tall, skinny structure to the right of Marley?
I told them that Lexi will love to knock that down when she gets home!
PopPop then moved it off the floor.
We have now officially begun our Grandparent and Me journey. It will be fun to see the Youngmans.
As I type this, everyone is still sleeping so obviously, everyone feels comfortable.
After while, we will go have breakfast with Paula and then head to Columbus for a stop for some leg-stretching and fun before we head on to Louisville.
Memories are in the making!

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