Friday, May 3, 2013

The Pose...

Who taught these girls to pose like this??? Layla is always cooperative. Marley likes to pose for a picture or tells me to put my camera away.

                                               After posing, it was time for a "ball game":
                                              See all those teeny-tiny balls on the ground?
                                                      See the teeny-tiny bat?

On a different note: I'm tired of the ugly clothes (I'm talking about tops) that are being made these days. The material is cheap, flimsy, and the 'busy' with pattern! They are made for short people! A larger size means that the top is wider but not longer!

I, therefore, decided to go to South Bend and meet my friend Jane Peiffer and SHOP!!! Unfortunately, it was the same problem in those stores! No luck. I give up. I'll just wear my winter tops during the 90 degree heat! Well...I feel better just venting....sort of.

One good thing about going shopping was meeting Jane. We didn't have long but we did get in a quick chat between our complaints about clothes. We had picked out material and pillow forms a while back and Jane consented to make me some pillows for my bed. She had them with her to give to me! I was thrilled. I brought them home from shopping (thank goodness I had something to show for this trip!) and threw them on my bedspread. I love them!!! I love the cornflower yellow and chocolate brown. (Sorry that my chocolate pillow cases are in the wash. I see a pit of green case sticking out.) Thanks Jane!!! I owe you lunch!

     I happened to put my new Kindle Paperwhite on the creamy beige bedspread (it really is pretty but you can't tell from this picture) since it is the same yellow case as the pillows. I really didn't plan it that way but I do like it!

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