Sunday, May 5, 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

What an exciting weekend this has been! It began on Thursday (when a person is retired, the weekend can start on any day) when Tom and I surprised Layla by appearing at her school for an assembly. Earlier this year, Layla (and 18,999 other students across the country) took a math test. Layla and a few other 3rd graders received Noetic Honorable Mention Awards for doing well on the test. I love this girl! Her sweet friend, Naomi, received a Problem Solving Award.

Brent rode his bike in the Goshen '1st Friday' Crit Race. I don't like to watch these guys ride so fast. The mother in me wants to yell at them to "be careful!!!", "slow down!!!", and "go take a ride in the neighborhood like normal people!!!" but these guys don't listen.
Shouldn't Brent look sweaty, red in the face, and out of breath???? I would be in a hospital with an oxygen mask on my face!
What happened on Saturday? Hmmm....
But today was a busy day! I was at Trinity ready for choir at 8:00. We sang our two anthems during the service and listened to the sermon. I then headed home due to the arrival of Tom and Barbara Rowlen, We then went together to the 70th Wedding Anniversary  reception of Dayton and Thelma Wenger.
How many people look this great after 70 years of marriage???
How many people make it to 70 years of marriage???
How many people have their reception in the same church in which they were married???
How many people stay active in the same church for 70 years???
How many people do you know that celebrate their anniversary on the exact date that they were married in the same church that they were married...
...just 70 years later!!!
Congratulations to Dayton and Thelma Wenger!
And then I find out that...
This coming Wednesday will be the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Tom and Barbara Rowlen!
50 Years!!!
How can this be?
We need to P-A-R-T-Y!
Congratulations to Tom and Barbara!!!
(I am still grieving the fact that on May 23rd, I will celebrate (?) the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation!)
This is not possible! I'm waaay too young!
Since I'm grieving, after the Rowlens left, I went for a walk. I walked down River Drive to see the beauty of the flowering trees and bushes as I do every year at this favorite time of the year. I try to drink it all in and let the beauty soak into my being so as to hang on to it until next year. This is what I saw:

It was a great weekend!
Now on to an extraordinarily busy week!

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