Monday, May 6, 2013

Tooooo Cute!

Alexis modeled for the DSI "Get To Know Me" Campaign. A mom in Kendra's "Moms of Kids with DS" group was the fabulous photographer! I know that Kendra will be blogging to get the "kinks" out of my information since I haven't heard it all 5 times yet. But the photos are soooo adorable, I couldn't get them posted fast enough for my non-fb  friends to see!  Kendra said that by putting a tutu on that girl and standing her in front of a mirror, she just danced and danced! Add bubbles to that mix and she could fly! Kendra was thrilled that Nicholas and Blake could be in a picture. By the time the boys were in the photos, Alexis was wearing down but I love the looks that they are giving each other. Oh, I love my grandkidlets!!!

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