Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tom is 69???

                    Happy birthday to Tom!!! How can this be?

You sure were a beautiful baby!

                                I bet your teachers loved you!!!
                        You already look like a very smart man!

                                       Yes, I'll marry you!

                                 I am loving our little family!

                                Our 1977-78 year in England was incredible!
                                  We sure did have hair!

I certainly remember having to borrow the hat to wear at the Garden Party with Princess Margaret. At least, when we had dinner at Parliament, I didn't have to wear a hat! I just wish that I had owned a camera back in those days. I can't imagine how many pictures I would have taken!
       Home from our year in Burgh Castle, Great Yarmouth, England. Too bad we couldn't afford barbers!
                                     My favorite professor!
                     And then, the grandkidlets came into our lives:
Blake, PopPop, Nicholas
Marley, PopPop, Layla

                                        Alexis and PopPop
                                                 Retired and loving it!!!
                      Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.
                        Not many people are as blessed as I am.
                                     Hope your day is sunny!

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