Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marley is 6!!!

On May 22, it will have been 6 years since our little Marley Mae was born! It doesn't seem possible!!!  She will probably grow up thinking that "Mae" really is her name or that her real name is "Little Mae" but that's ok. That is her real name to us.

        With the addition of Marley, we had two precious little girls!

"Layla is soooo funny!"

"I want that book!!!"

                    "I know that I can get a book out of here!"

"Oh, I love this book!"
                                        "I'm getting bigger every day."

                          Marley is ready for Kindergarten.

                                   Marley loves the snow!

         This is my favorite video ever.  Christmas before last, Marley asked for a Bible. She was learning many Bible verses at Brenneman Preschool. After opening her gift, she opened it (the page she was on didn't matter) and she began to recite. I will treasure this forever.

       Happy birthday Marley! I love you more than chocolate!!!

               (Watch out Layla! Your birthday is next week!)


  1. Well the video was there yesterday! Darn!

  2. Well the video was there yesterday! Darn!