Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday Boy Blake!

Blake is 9 years old today!!! I love this little boy more than chocolate!!!  He is creative beyond words, funny, silly, loving, and makes me laugh! 
(The first few photos, below, are taken from my scrapbook. Ignore the lack of quality.)

1st birthday weekend (2006)

1 year old (2006)
2nd birthday (2007)

2nd birthday (2007)
2nd birthday weekend

3rd birthday (2008)

3rd birthday (2008)
3rd  birthday(2008)

4th birthday (2009)

5th birthday (2010)
Hmmmm.....6th birthday??? (I know I have pictures!)

7th birthday  (2012)
7th birthday (2012)
8th birthday  (2013)
I am so in love with Blake! I feel terrible that I am missing his celebration this weekend. It is the first time that I've ever missed a grandkidlet's birthday but I am needed in Elkhart. Mother had a "spell" yesterday that made me know that I need to be nearby. She is ok today but with the terrible winter weather and Mother now at Hubbard Hill here in Elkhart (and not feeling 100%), it is difficult for me to get away.
I know that Blake will have a great 9th birthday.
Happy birthday my sweet boy!

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