Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wild, Wacky & Wonderful!

I haven't had a chance to get to Noblesville since October so I am making up for it this month. Tom and I were here for a couple of days last weekend and are here for a couple of days during this week. Last week was Blake's wonderful performance as Peter Pan and Nicholas making the only points in his Upward basketball game.

This weekend brought great joy for the family as my sister, Paula and her husband, Ron, became grandparents for the first time. (They have certainly been "grandparents" to my 3 Noblesville grandkidlets since they were born because they live only 8 houses from Kendra.) Elliott Grey Bowman was born Monday, February 10th to Andrew and Miranda Bowman. They live in Bellingham, Washington which is a long, long way from Noblesville. Paula and Ron will be heading that way March 3rd and Aunt Heather hopes to make a trip that way soon. If I had photos of that beautiful baby, trust me, I would put them on my blog!!!

During the two weekends that Tom and I have been here, the boys have been keeping busy around the house with this and that.

Silly Boys
Then there were puzzles to complete with PopPop Tom and Pops:
"I think I can finish  it PopPop!!!
I have the last piece!"

That was one 'busy' puzzle!!!

There are always K'NEX to put together:

And books to read:
Blake (9 years old)

Nicholas (10 years old)
Then there were the "Alexis" activities:
Last night, Tom, Paula and I attended the "Friendraiser for GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis". Kendra is on the Board that is working diligently to open this new facility. The "Friendraiser" is for families, friends, professionals, and people interested in continuing the education and support of the Down syndrome community. We are very excited that this GiGi's Playhouse will become a reality soon!
Tonight, we were able to watch Alexis during her therapeutic horseback riding session at Agape Theraputic Riding in Ciscero, Indiana. What a joy!!!

"Walk on!"

It has been such a wonderful couple of weeks.
I'm so proud of these kids. Best part: they are just plain good kids!
On top of all of these fun things, TODAY is Kendra's 41st birthday!
How is this possible???
She definitely deserves her own blog entry
but here is a teaser:

Happy Birthday Kendra Leigh Kattau Smith!

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