Wednesday, January 8, 2014


No school for the 3rd day in a row but Layla and Marley "happened" to have their snow clothes here at our house knowing that PopPop loves to take them on the little hill in the field behind us. But first, they had to wait for PopPop to get ready:

"Hey girls! Look this way you silly people!"
(BTW, I am warm and cozy as I take this through the window.)
"This is deep!"

"The snow is in my glove, JoJo!
Can you get it out?"

"I LOVE the snow!"

"Here comes PopPop!!!"

"Imagine that! The birdseed is frozen!"
Now the threesome head for the hill but it's rough going.

PopPop has to help pick up a fallen child (that was, after he picked himself up).
They are out on the hill as I type but I can't zoom in far enough.
I guess it's time to go investigate...from a different window...not outside! I just heard happy screeching!

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