Sunday, January 5, 2014

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

We have passed the 8" mark with much more on the way! It was not too bad getting to Trinity this morning with 4-wheel drive but I wasn't sure that Tom could get up the hill in his car. He actually made it to church but his car is now sitting at the base of our drive since he can't get it up the hill. It might be there until spring! There were far more at church than I imagined there would be and had about 22 in the choir that were able to make it in. Tom and I even stayed for Sunday School class with Larry and Nila App and Sharon Stauffer. We had a great discussion! Glad we went ahead with class. Tom took some pictures of the church before leaving.
Trinity United Methodist Church
After lunch, Tom and I bundled up (I actually had to find my boots and  bring my winter coat in from my car since I haven't worn it yet this winter) for a little fun in the snow. When we went out, Tom measured 8 inches of snow but we have had a lot more in the last couple of hours.
  Let me tell you that it was very difficult to walk in all that snow!!!
Tom decided that he would try to shovel. Too heavy but we have a good neighbor that has very fancy snow removal equipment. Thanks Steve!  (Why! I do believe that Tom is now moving his car up our driveway and into the garage! Thanks again Steve!!!)
                                                        Fancy snow removal equipment!

Tom needs to buy a car with 4-wheel drive!!!


Looking down our cul-de-sac

The snow on the tree in front of my work room is so full of snow,
I can't see out my window.

                                                     Photos don't do it justice! So pretty!
I knew that Tom was walking by the river so I decided to do the same. I finally made it to the path and the snow was so deep and coming down so hard, I had trouble walking. My camera was getting soaked with every picture and my back was telling me that this was not a good idea. I wasn't on the "path" long...especially since I couldn't even see the path.

                                           I see the back of our house so I guess I'm not lost!
This was a difficult walk (and there is a lot more as I type this than when I was outside!)

Is it spring yet?

The snow is piled perfectly on our neighbor, Serena's, wood stacks. (Serena's husband, Dave, died the week before Christmas in an auto accident. So much sadness for so many people.)

Thank goodness, my snow blower still works!!!
Smile Tom!
                                  Tom had to head back to the path to visit his little friends.
                                                                      "Hi Tom!"
The river is beginning to "chunk up"

This is Charlene Snelson's chair! My dear neighbor/friend owns this chair which rests at the end of the cul-de-sac. I can't wait until spring when she might be able to use it for her rest time once again.
As the snow continues to fall, I think about my dear friend, Kathy Thies, whose brother-in-law, Craig Korporal died this weekend. While some of us play and have a good time, I am forever thinking about the many people who grieve, struggle and have so much to cope with. Blessings to Craig's wife, Norma, and the entire Korporal/Plummer/Thies family.



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  1. What a winter wonderland! The snow can be a pain, but it's so beautiful in such a setting. :)

    My heart goes out to the families of Dave and Craig.