Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Sunday!

Tom asked, "Do you have any obligations at Trinity tomorrow?"

I told him that I didn't. Amazing!!!

"How about we head to Battle Creek in the morning and take her to church?"

What a guy!!! We left home at 7:20 and headed north. Mother was sooo happy! (She knew we were coming.) After the service, we headed to Fellowship Hall where there was to be a small celebration in honor of  wedding anniversaries of 3 couples. These couples totaled over 100 years of putting up with each other.

                     Mother and Tom visit with Mother's friends.

We visited, went to brunch, took Mother back home to visit a while longer and then headed back to Goshen. We made a little detour to go see the kids at Corey Lake. What a gorgeous day for a boat ride!

Tom and I stayed in the boat while the others were in the lake. Jen said that the girls were up and in the lake this morning before breakfast. They can't get enough of the water. Last year at this time, they didn't even want to get their head wet but this summer, they are FISH!!!

Tom and I stayed for a little while before heading home. Before we left, Barb (Snell) wanted to update me on the Purple Martins. I had posted several photos in the spring of the eggs but now those houses are PACKED with 101 babies! Since these birds are messy housekeepers and they rely on humans to keep the nests clean, Barb cleans them out about once a week. Unbelievable!!!

         The parents probably knew that Barb was going to lower one of the houses to do some checking. They were right!

    Some of the nests had newly hatched babies and....

                        ....other babies were a little older.
                   (Yes, it is ok for her to touch these babies.)

We hardly said our goodbyes and the girls were already headed back to the water. They are sleeping well these days!
                                           Goodbye girls.

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