Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grandparent and Me Camp....Mostly Monday

Before reaching Louisville, we stopped in Columbus to stretch. The first structure we saw was the Bartholomew County Veterans Memorial. It was incredible...and very tall...

And very emotional...
There were letters from soldiers that were carved into the stone.
Layla was very taken with the letters.

Layla was intrigued with the letters from soldiers that were carved into the stone. Most were very sad.

Tom and Layla discussed the letters that were written.
Often a day or two after the letter was written,
the soldier was killed. Sooo sad.
After seeing the Memorial, we walked around the block and discovered The Commons. It was like an indoor park. There was a huge structure that looked like it was made out of junk. Parts moved and swung, tilted and twirled. As a mirrored piece slowly spun around toward us, I snapped in time to capture our reflections in the mirror.
In another area was a huge set of nets that needed climbing. Layla climbed to the top 4 or 5 times. Marley enjoyed it but after the 2nd level, she was very happy.
Time to get back in the car and head to Louisville!
Penny, Jerry and granddaughter Sarah, were there to greet us! Layla and Sarah met four years ago at our first Grandma and Me Camp at Camp Barbee in Leesburg IN.
They were thrilled to see each other again.
Sarah had made a sign for us:
"Wellcome to Camp Grandparents"
                            Sarah, Layla and Marley reconnect.
After dinner at El Toro, we returned to the Youngman's home to just enjoy being together. Of course, it was important that we take time to listen to The Voice on TV . Penny and I always "watch" The Voice together on Monday and Tuesday nights but we do it from our own homes and are on "chat" together. We actually got to sit together in the same room and critique the vocalists in person. It was a real treat!
"Who do you like the best, Sarah?"
It's Tuesday, June 11
Jerry was a Master Chef as he made wonderful, fancy pancakes!

Marley enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes.

Marley slept on a blowup downstairs near Tom and me.
I made my nightly call to my Mother (in Battle Creek) from downstairs as Marley was going to sleep. Both nights she was asleep before the call was finished. Sarah and Layla slept in the extra upstairs bedroom. All has gone very well.
After breakfast, we headed downstairs to have our Bible study, discussions, craft time, etc.

We are focusing on being good stewards of the earth that God created.

Jerry helped with craft time.

Marley, Sarah, Layla and their
milk jug/newspaper
"ball catcher game".

We then packed up lunches and headed to the water park.

As good stewards of the earth, we donned gloves and began looking for trash that needed to be picked up.

Next to the picnic area was a play area and then the water park.
These are pictures of pure joy!

Marley didn't realize the significance of the "foot washing" that she gave to me and then "hand washings" to Penny and me. I asked her if she knew the story of Mary and Martha.

Then, before we knew it, our first day of "camp" was over.

The girls loved running outside to run to the top of the "mountain". Such a pretty neighborhood.
Such a gorgeous day!
Such a fun time!

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