Saturday, June 22, 2013

Race The Bend

My 'Spandex" boy rode in a race this morning in South Bend. I hope they are in air-conditioned rooms when they have to squeeze into all that plastic wrap! I don't know how they can breath!!! I wouldn't be able to get one thigh into that stuff. Horrible! But Brent seems to manage. He appears to be smiling but I think he is really in pain:
Layla and Marley love coming to see their daddy. Every 1.74222 minutes, they see a flash of him as he flies by. The 150 degree heat makes it a lot of fun. (Really, they do love to see him and they never complain which impresses me.)
"Tell me when Daddy is coming."
(Notice the blanket is spread on the soft, plush grass. NOT!
That is cement on the corner by the Football Hall of Fame.)
"Ok girls!!! Here he comes!!!! See the yellow flash!!!"

And he is on his last lap........and he's......finished!
It's never difficult to find him with that yellow helmet and the yellow thingies over his shoes.
After a cool down lap, he rode over to us as we sat on the corner.
Isn't he suppose to look sweaty or be panting or something?
Jen Snell always helps Brent at the races by making sure that people stay out of the road as the riders are coming and lots of other crappy  jobs that need to be done on race day. She does the dirty work...Brent just rides. (Well, maybe not.)
While I stood there, a man sauntered across the street as we all yelled at him to get out of the street and there were a couple of other incidents but the amazing one was when we yelled at a policeman on a bicycle (regular...not racing) to watch out as he rode into the street and the cyclists were coming. I've never screamed at an officer before. He acted very nonchalant afterwards. My heart is finally back in rhythm!
As we walked over to where the SpinZone team was set up, Layla and Marley spotted a gorilla. Marley was quite taken with it:
Marley and Layla and their new friend

"You are sooo cute!"

"JoJo, will you take my picture?"

Brent talks to his fellow racers to talk about the race. Jen and the girls wait patiently in anticipation of heading up to the cabin at Corey Lake.
Now the important question:
Will Brent be able to get that spandex off of that stinky body???

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