Friday, June 14, 2013

Fifty Years Older....And Much Wiser

                        Tekonsha High School Class of 1963
                     Oh the memories, the laughter, the stories!
It was so good to see my classmates.
I especially loved seeing Bob and Yvonne Lindquist
Class Advisor
 Steve Miller, Reid Waffle, Jill Kattau, Daryl Althaver,  Bob Main
 DeAnne Warner Rumsey, The Lindquists, Shirley Trueblood Kempton, Rozanne Randall Thompson
Missed seeing at the reunion: Bonnie Hackworth Hill, Carl Sandland, Donna Tobey Test, Mike Crawford, Bill Crawford, Barbara Katz, Bryan Katz, Louise Casebeer
                                                            The Lindquists 
I always felt that we had the kindest, most patient Advisor ever!
DeAnne Warner Rumsey and Steve Miller

                                                       Bob and Nita Main
Rozanne Randall Thompson
(Our gracious hostess...again!)
It was fun listening to everyone's versions of stories of old. Several of us remembered stories differently so it was fun to share.
Steve Miller (leader in getting our reunion organized) surprised us with a video from Mr. Johnson, the beloved 1964 Class Advisor.
(When you are from a town of 650 (give or take), everyone knows everyone!!!) 
      "Gather around everyone to hear a message from Mr. Johnson!"

"I met with him and...Mr. Lindquist...why are you laughing???"
                   "Have you all heard the story about Reid's book report?"
"Now you may not believe this but...............!"

"...and Mr. Johnson wants your book report turned in by next week!"

"...does this mean that you didn't really graduate, Reid?"
Steve then decided that we could make a video for Mr. Johnson.
Talk about impromptu!
"Hi Mr. Johnson! This is Daryl. Let me just say...."

                "Now hold on Daryl! I can handle this. To begin with..."
Later:   "and then......"

"I don't believe a word of it!"
"Does anyone else have anything to say?"

Daryl and Mary



Reid Waffle and Bob Main

                                   Rose Marie Waffle and Mrs. Lindquist
Jill Walbeck Kattau and Rozanne Randall Thompson


                               Steve Miller, Class President

"I think that it's time for a class photo."

                         "Time for a photo. Who is going to get up first?"
                             "Is everybody here??? Hello!!!"

                          Back inside for prayer for safe travel.
                   "It's wonderful seeing you again Mr. & Mrs. Lindquist!"

"Goodbye Rozanne and DeAnne!
Thanks again for a wonderful time!"
It is difficult for me to accept that I graduated 50 years ago May 23, 1963. When I hear that number, I think about "old" people...grandparents, people nearing death.....not ME!
But it is me. I'm one of these OLD people! The great thing is that, at this age, we are so much  more sensible, loving, accepting, caring and smarter than we were all those years ago.
I wouldn't trade my hometown, classmates, or youthful insecurities, for anything in the world. It made me who I am.
All of these people influenced me in some way.
I love this Class of '63.
Life is good!

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