Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Spring Break Field Trip

All 5 grandkidlets are with us for the first part of spring break! It doesn't get better than that! Though it was a crispy day, the blue skies called for a trip to the Notre Dame campus. My back issues caused me to stay home but with (nearly) everyone armed with a camera, I get to use them for my blog. I had to choose a few from each photographer:

Beginning with Tom:

Miss Layla:

The kids were lined up to take pictures of PopPop and Kendra

Nicholas and Kendra:

Lexi is "running to Jesus"



It was a wonderful day and a great experience for the kids. They were wonderful and enjoyed being together.

Tonight, Nicholas and Blake watched  The General  (Buster Keaton movie) from 1927 with background music from the Lerner Theater Organ. They LOVED it. Blake was so much fun to watch as he kept jumping out of his chair and laughing. I've got photos on my camera. Thanks so much to Larry App for loaning it to us. I think that I know 5 grandkidlets that will sleep well tonight!

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