Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's a BIG One!

My dear friend, Nila App, turned 60 yesterday. It can be psychologically difficult arriving at a new decade, so one has to do whatever necessary to make the transition easier. I don't remember 60. It was too long ago.

At dinner this week, Nila and I made plans for a Friday night dinner at Antonio's Italian Restaurant to celebrate with a few friends. Of course, birthdays are really about the cake...

(Don't you just love Adam's Bakery???)
It's also about the Birthday Girl!
Here are Nila and her sister, Rita.
Rita says that she loves her sister most but I think that I love her more! Then, of course, there was Diane that arrived that thinks she is really Nila's's all very confusing!
The point is that Nila is a blessing to a lot of people.
Here are Rita and her hubby Kim. If anyone gets my vote for 'nice', it goes to these people (right after Nila and Larry).
Also at dinner were some very special people:
Tina (with hubby Pat) and Nila are working buddies.
Heather's life changed when she went to Nila's Bible Study.
(There was also something about CPA stuff in the story.)
Kellie (with sweet Orlando) was mentored by Nila at Trinity UMC
during her youth.
(I even had Kellie's sister in my 1st grade class many years ago!)
I heard CPA talk when Diane and Roger were introduced and something about a lifetime gym membership as a gift to Nila until they sold the gym??? What's that all about?
I couldn't resist adding Heather, Scott and Chris a second time.
 What a cute family!
Time for cake!!!
"You want how big a piece???"
"How sweet!"
Thank goodness I got Larry Boy in a picture!!!
It was such a good time. Now, if I had just gotten the birthday girl in the
group picture:
Happy Birthday my dear friend, Nila!
So glad we could help celebrate with you!!!

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