Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pure Genius!

The Apps are some of my dearest friends on this earth. Larry and Nila are my Bible Study teachers (yes... 2 teachers/1 student). Tom and I have traveled with them for a long weekend to Mackinaw City. We laugh, share, cry, and solve the problems of the world together.  Nila and I are great travel companions (as long as she remembers her earplugs). But this is a man who has great gifts: he knows so much about technology. This poor guy takes my emails, phone calls, texts, anytime day or night when I, again, tell Larry that I have a computer problem and he graciously says, "Bring it on over, Jill." He never appears frustrated with me and even on a Sunday (I just returned from the App house!)  he just says, "Come on over and bring your computer." 

Even when I have phone problems, the Verison store, with all of their "high-tec, know everything there is to know" guys, give up on fixing a problem, Larry has solved the problem in five minutes. I tell you, he is a genius!!!
Besides these gifts, as if this wasn't enough, Larry has a wonderful creative side to him. He loves to hear stories that people have to tell. He founded his site called StoriesRetold where you can see the incredible DVD's that he has created. His latest DVD shows the remaking of the new Lerner Theater Organ. I was so impressed with this DVD, not only because it was so beautifully created, but the stories, interviews and pictures of how it was done, blew me away! It can be purchased at the Lerner or from Amazon, etc. Clips of videos are on YouTube. I think they are listed under Larry from Bristol. Larry will probably cringe when he reads this and wish that I had some better information. All I know is that he does fabulous work!
I say no more except to say that I don't get any cash/credit for telling about these DVD's. Larry doesn't even know that am writing about him in my blog. I just wanted to write about a man who puts God first, then his family and career.
Thank you Larry for all the help that you have given me. You and Nila are very special to me. Now, I must go review my lesson for Tuesday night.

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