Monday, April 29, 2013

Down By The Riverside...

I took a walk this afternoon on the path. It was finally a gorgeous day and actually hit 70 degrees! The leaves have appeared and the cottonwood sticky seeds now grace our patio. Patience has run short as I have waited for signs of spring. Tom and I walked through our yard and got onto the path. With flowers finally beginning to bloom, the leaves beginning to appear and the river back in its banks, we walked.

It was a beautiful sight! After last year's drought, it was wonderful to see the river full and on the move.

We hiked for a while and noticed how much green had appeared since we were last on the path. Soooo pretty!

We noticed that the path was getting darker, which meant that it had been under water when the river was over it's banks. There were deer tracks and some small trees that had been taken down by the beaver.

Then we came to a halt. This part of the path was still flooded. It won't last much longer. Soon we will probably be complaining of the heat and the river will be low. But for now...let the river roll.

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