Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memories and Misery!

First...the Memories: Don't you think he looks like a judge? a lawyer? a member of Congress? a Superhero? I think so! And yesterday, as he walked through the halls of the Chicago Federal Courts Building (which he has done 10 times now with Concord students!!!) with his 53 little urchins following him, he is quite impressive. I have never gone with Tom before on the Concord Government summer school field trip. It is a long day and with the temperature at 95 degrees, it makes it even longer. The students see trials, talk with a judge, listen to other arranged speakers and in the afternoon, they have their own mock trial. Some kids will never forget it and then....there are others that will never appreciate the experience.

Tom is letting a "man upstairs" know that the kids have arrived.

"Hello sir! May I have your autograph? You look very smart!"

At the end of the day, we begin the walk (2 miles) to Navy Pier. It ends the day with a little fun time. Tom stops to take a picture of some of his kids.

I take a picture of Tom and me. (Time to move on.)

The kids will soon be boarding the school bus to return home. I'm enjoying the shade where it is only 94 degrees but beautiful!

Chicago is such a gorgeous city!

There is beauty everywhere!

I've taken several pictures of this building over the years but one can never take enough.

And then the misery:

On a sad note.....
our dear friends, Penny and Jerry Youngman leave for Louisville, KY tomorrow. And I do mean LEAVE! They are moving away!!! This makes me so sad though I keep telling myself that I am happy for them. I am happy for...I am happy...I am...I...I am very sad that they are moving away. Just knowing that they are down the street makes/made me happy.

We took them to Hacienda for their "last supper" with us tonight. I then had to make haste for choir practice so I dropped them off and took one last photo from my car.

Yup! They really are leaving....tomorrow.

Good bye Penny and Jerry! We have your address you know!!!

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