Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bladder That Couldn't Be Gladder!

How many people can say that they "love" to visit their urologist??? (How many people HAVE a urologist??? I knew that I would never need one and then I had bladder cancer which changed that!) I love visiting the staff there because they are old friends: Kay (I had her kidlets in 1st grade and loved her way back then); Marcia (her kidlets grew up at CCC with my kids) and Toni (the dear nurse who always chats with me and makes me laugh as Dr. Fretz is looking for TTT's (teeny tiny tumors)).

Now, about my TTT count....here is the limerick for today's visit (which is always written before I go to the office. This is called "thinking positively".

A wonderful day it has been!
A "TTT" checkup.....again.
Dr. Fretz said, "It's ZERO"!
(You know, he's my hero.)
He's one of my favorite men!

My next checkup isn't until December! Merry Christmas to me!

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