Sunday, June 24, 2012

Class of '63!!!

Depending on who you talk to, there were either 19 or 20 in our Tekonsha High School (Michigan) Class of '63. That was 49 years ago!!! We were asked why we celebrated 49 years and decided that the answer was: just because. Steve Miller, our valedictorian and president of our class, began the process of contacting people and it happened. This was the result:

Daryl Althaver, Mike Crawford, Reid Waffle, Bob Main, Bryan Katz, Bill Crawford, Steve Miller,
Rozanne Randall Thompson, DeAnne Warner Rumsey, Jill Walbeck Kattau, Shirley Trueblood Kempton

When we arrived at Rozanne's home in Clare, MI, it didn't take long before Steve hauled out his box of memorabilia that has been stored in his basement for 49 years. Steve, Reid, DeAnne and Shirley reminisced. Steve even gave each of us one of his name cards! Only Steve!!!

Reid holds copies of our Senior pictures. We were soooo cute, don't you think?

"On Tekonsha! On Tekonsha! Fight, fight for her fame!"

It was so good to see Bill Crawford again. Steve reminds Bill that he was president of the class AND valedictorian. Bill laughs!

Bill tells Reid a wild story as his brother Mike Crawford listens. The best memory I have of Mike is his constant, wonderful smile. He kept telling me that "nothing could be funny enough to cause these craters". He was still smiling!

We put Bill, Bob Main and Bryan Katz to work fixing our dinner.

Bryan lives in Sherwood, MI. He has been having health issues and is currently going through radiation so we were thrilled that he was able to make it.

Bob Main and I had fun catching up. His parents and my parents were best friends. His sister Pam and I loved getting together and playing duets. Those were great memories.

Here was our "hostess with the mostess". Rozanne will probably need a week to recover from this get-together. She spends a great amount of time in bed due to health problems but was gracious enough to let us come to her home. She had some wonderful help to prepare tons of food for all of us. One of those helpers was DeAnne is from Quincy, MI and visits Rozanne on a regular basis. She went to Clare a day early to help and will stay a couple of days to be sure that Rozanne is ok after this big day.

Thanks DeAnne!!!


We began to gather outside to say grace for the food. We thought that we might have to have Steve, Bill, and Reid draw straws to see who would do it.

I loved getting to meet Bob's wife, Nita. I need to sit down with Nita and listen to her stories of her yearly travels as she goes to bowling tournaments. What an interesting life she leads.

Mike and Daryl Althaver are happy to see each other again. Daryl arrived late from Oscoda, MI due to grandkids. (I know how that is.)

"Be sure and get everyone's email address!!!"
"Hey Jill! Do you remember that 'Waffle' comes before 'Walbeck' and that I sat in front of you in school for 12 years??? Huh! Do you? Do you?"

Time for a class photo!

"She is kidding. Right? Now everyone! Behave yourselves and look at the camera!!!"

"That's better!"

"Are we done yet? She keeps pointing that camera in our faces!!!"

Look at these handsome boys!
"Is it time for the girls picture?"

The poor spouses are left with trying to take the pictures.

Smile girls!

Shirley, DeAnne and Steve look at photos.
"Where's the 'delete' button???"

Shirley is happy! She found 'delete' on her camera!!!

Time has flown; stomachs are full; laughs are shared and now it is time to begin the goodbyes. This might take a while.

"It was soooo good to see everyone!"

"Now...which spouse is yours?"

Steve and Jonnie Lee Miller from Cumberland, WI

Bill and Dawn Crawford from Pittsford, MI

Mike and Sandy Crawford from Battle Creek, MI

Reid and Rose Marie Waffle from Burlington, MI

Bob and Nita Main from Marshall, MI

The goodbyes finally made it to the front of the house where the cars were actually parked. With a 3 hour trip back to Mother's in Battle Creek, I headed out. For all I know, they are all still saying goodbye. Maybe Steve is already planning our next reunion. He is the president you know.

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