Monday, June 11, 2012

"Grandma and Me" Camp

For 2 years, Penny Youngman, her granddaughter Sarah and Layla and I have attended "Grandparent and Me" Camp at Camp Barbee. We spent $$$ and would come home feeling that it could have been better organized. Needless to say, Penny came up with the bright (?) idea of doing our own Camp...just for the 4 of us. Being neighbors, we planned so that we could go back and forth between houses. When the idea was conceived, little did we know that Youngmans would sell their home and be moving to Louisville, KY on June 20th. No pressure!!!
Penny and Jerry met Sarah (who lives in Louisville) on Tuesday. Tom, Layla and I met them at Applebee's for our first evening together.
The girls were so happy to see each other after a year apart!

In pj's, we are ready for campfire.
Sarah and Penny are ready for the first of many photos!

Because it is really called "Grandparent and Me" Camp, we included the grandpas in the evening activities.

Sweet Layla enjoys the campfire. Bedtime for weary girls came late at the Youngman home.

After breakfast, the campers headed to the Kattau's to begin their study of "Praying In Color" by Sybil MacBeth. It is such  an exciting way to teach children (and us adults) to focus when we pray.  We incorporated "changes in our lives" into our prayers. For "Morning Watch", we found perfect devotions about "change" from the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional.

The curriculum that Penny and I put together was perfect for all 4 of us as we are going through many changes in our lives.

We may not have a finished basement, but we DO have a great swing. Break time!!!

Each girl began to make a mobile as their "craft". Since Penny and I planned for several different activities (from working on photo journaling in their scrapbooks, making a mobile, making a BFF frame, etc.)  the girls went home with several projects to work on.

Back up the hill to Youngman's for lunch.

Waiting for lunch, Sarah does some fancy riding on her scooter.

Who doesn't love a good lunch?

Penny and I hadn't been to Ideal Beach in many years. We were amazed!!! It was wonderful! The girls spent the entire time in the water. It was clean, sandy, only 13 minutes from home and had terrific lifeguards!!! Penny and I talked!

Back to Youngman's for hotdog supper and s'mores. Perfect weather and NO mosquitoes!


The girls totally entertained us. After it got dark, the ghost stories (Sarah style) and the lightening bug chase were the entertainment.

Armed with pillow and stuffed animals, the girls head back downhill to the Kattau's for the night.

Breakfast!!!! Pancakes by "Grandpa Jerry"!!!

Layla and I have "Morning Watch" together. Such good sharing time.

We were so impressed with Ideal Beach and the weather was so perfect, we made a return visit and took lunch with us.

The girls get ready to say goodbye.

Sarah and Grandma Penny

Layla and JoJo

Good memories were made at "Grandma and Me" Camp.

"Good-by my dear friend! See you next year!"

But WE surprised the girls!!! The night before Penny and Jerry were to leave to take Sarah home, the Youngmans, the Kattaus and Brent and the girls met at Hacienda. Layla and Sarah were very surprised to see each other one last time.

See you next Kentucky???

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  1. You have a swing in your basement??? That is SO neat!

    And I love that the girls were reading out of an 'You Read To Me and I'll Read To You' book - those are some of my favorites. :D