Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Brent had 2 bike races this weekend. Tom took Layla and Marley to South Bend after church today so that the girls could watch their daddy. They had fun running around and then got to go with PopPop to Wendy's. We all met back here at our house. It's always a good thing to have a few good pushes on the swing on a Father's Day afternoon. Of course, I made them stop for a photo.

Layla, Brent, Marley


"Higher Daddy!!!" says Marley.

I love the expression on Marley's face! Layla isn't so sure about what's going on.

"Don't you wipe off my kisses young lady!!!" says Daddy.
Marley is ready to go inside for a game of Uno.

Marley thinks she has the game won but the others aren't so sure.
(Doesn't Brent look lovely with his headband ribbon on his head?
Marley thought he needed it.)


"Can you help us make airplanes? Please?????"

We really did have a very nice afternoon. Now, if I would just remember to take a picture of my wonderful husband once in a while! When the grandkidlets are here, that's my focus instead of photos of my honey. I will do better. I promise!
Happy Father's Day to the man who was/is an incredible father to our children. They are who they are because of you.

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